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Fontem Ventures to Restrict Online Sales of Blu

In response to a warning by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to prove that teen vaping can be prevented, Fontem Ventures, a unit of tobacco...

Independent Ecigs manufacturer NJOY declares bankruptcy

NJOY was founded in 2006 as Sottera by Mark Weiss. The company became the largest independent e-cigarette and vaping company in the USA and is the only major one to offer...

PMI, InSmoke and JoyeTech successful in Ecigs patent revocation

In Munich, the European Patent Office (EPO) ruled in favor of Joyetech, InSmoke and Philip Morris that collectively succeeded with patent revocation against Hon lik's patent held by...

Has Hon Lik, inventor of the modern Ecig, betrayed vapers?

If you’re a vaper, you owe a huge debt to Hon Lik. The Chinese pharmacist didn’t invent the concept of an electronic cigarette –...

UK: BAT affords the Ecig manufacturer Ten Motives

A discreet transaction According to an information published by ECigIntelligence, British American Tobacco could have afforded Ten Motives, one of the most important independent e-cigarette...

Fontem Ventures gives a patent battle to the vape industry

Although the paternity of the electronic cigarette is wrongly attributed wrongly to Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, he is nevertheless recognized for being the first to...

Fontem Ventures in the race of Ecig emission analysis

Fontem Ventures, a branch of Imperial Tobacco Group PLC, recently renamed Imperial Brands, and the owner of the e-cigarette Blu, announced that it has developed, in partnership with...