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RCP Report about Treating Patients for Tobacco Dependency

The report titled Hiding in plain sight: Treating tobacco dependency in the NHS, argues “that responsibility for treating smokers lies with the clinician who...

10 scientific facts about vaping a vaper should know

"E-cigarettes 95% safer than cigarettes": The Public Health England's report In August 2015, the PHE's report elicits the e-cigarette as a safer alternative to smoking...

The impact of California’s new licensing fee

Besides paying a tax as per Proposition 56, as of this month all vape shop owners will also be required to pay a new state licence...

Vaping industry thriving in the UK despite bad publicity

Good news for all those who believe in the benefit obtained by switching from smoking to vaping. According to an article published on the...

Houses of Parliament report Ecig updates

The UK's Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology updates current knowledge on vaping in the country and releases its POSTnote 533. Research on e-cigarettes has been running fast since...

Australia: Regulating Ecigs, yes, but under which regime?

In an editorial note of the Medical Journal of Australia, the authors Martin McKnee, Mike Daube and Simon Chapman advocate Australia should regulate nicotine e-cigarettes as medicines. Their...

France: National Committee Against Smoking (CNCT) makes a step towards e-cigarette

A product to cut out smoking: "Why not, but this remains to be proved" In order to well define the CNCT, it is important to...