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Representative of BAT to speak at EuroScience Open Forum 2016

Trani shared her thoughts about the negative consequences of having different rules in different jurisdictions, will have on the industry, namely on small businesses...

Positive news for smoking cessation as TPD confusion deepens

New study shows massive effect of vaping A study released last Friday suggests that electronic cigarettes have had an enormous effect on smoking rates across...

Chewing the Cud

From mice to cows The Sun ‘newspaper’ has just released a story quoting from a study where the author conveniently forgets to mention that this...

Blindness Causes Smoking

Associate Professor Simone Dennis from the Australian National University (ANU) has, for a long time now, been looking at the effects, or rather, the...

Cloud tricks among youngs: A new socialization of vaping

"Young people do not see e-cigarettes as a form of smoking". This is the message Fiona Measham delivers in her last article . For the...

New Technology: A cessation tool for vapers

Cessation aid for smokers is accessible, gums and patches can be purchased in stores from different brands. Stop smoking counselling operators can be reached by phone...

Vaping doesn’t help smokers quit. Really?

A meta-analysis of 38 studies by the University of California San Francisco concludes that e-cigarettes are associated with significantly less quitting among smokers, as...

USA: Communication war around vaping in California

Copyright invoked against parody An article published by a research team of Stanford in the British Medical Journal reports subvertizing attempts by the California-based e-cigarette advocacy group...

US Study: Under which circumstances do people prefer smoking or vaping?

This study has involved around sixty electronic cigarette users, aged 18 to 35 among which 84 % were dual users. It was conducted as...

Study confirms long-term safety of using nicotine patches

... but notices no improvement of cessation rates beyond 24 weeks of treatment Administered in this form as part of a withdrawal, the substance at the...