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Juul’s Presence on Social Media Keeps Increasing Despite FDA Interventions

Juul has been incessantly accused by lawmakers, health entities and angry parents alike, of fueling the current alleged teen vaping “epidemic”. Since its merger...

Asia steps up anti-vaping enforcement; US academics jump the shark

Feds waste $200,000 on Twitter vaping study Despite the US government moving to cut public spending in the face of a spiralling deficit, the National...

Folowing the Flock with Pasadena District 2

Use of tobacco products is the #1 cause of death in the USA. E-cigs & flavored products included Don't do it! pic.twitter.com/hACxkb5b6x — Pasadena District...

A New Website Dedicated to Advocacy: “Consumers For Advocacy”

A Vaper has More than Simply One Label Being a vaper nowadays is not defined by just a brief description of “one who vaporizes nicotine.”...