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Missoula MT, plans to ban vaping in public spaces

The measure, which was introduced by council members Michelle Cares and Shannon Therriault, and the environmental health director at the City-County Health Department, is...

Poll shows TPD failure, while global fight over vape laws continues

Malaysia’s most populous state is now threatening to jail anyone who vapes in public parks or shopping centres, while their counterparts in the Indian...

Progress in New York, but anti-vaping studies continue to appear

New York state budget deletes controversial vape laws Vapers in New York state have been braced for the worst over the last few weeks as...

Welcome to NY where Dreams get Vaporized

In addition to the unreasonable governance we are seeing the OHVTA fight in Ohio (a tax hike of 69% on vapor products), we are...

New York : Vaping in public spaces remains illegal

The plaintiffs were New York City C.L.A.S.H. (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment) and Russell Wishtart, a vaping show radio host. Their argument was that...

Vaping bans fail or face challenges, but FDA assault continues

The Welsh Assembly’s Labour group finally accepted that its proposed ban on vaping in public places had failed, while MEPs asked for closer scrutiny...