The “VapeBlast” is a a popular event among the US vaping community. The last edition took place from 28 to 30 August 2015 in Texas. A Dailydot journalist attended the meeting, envisaging he could find inspiration to his satyric reviews but he rallied the cause of vapers.

Jené Gutierrez admits, like many people, that the image of vapers perceived over the Web is bad because of their lifestyle and their excesses.

Mock this practice is the norm he confesses, to the point of forgetting the first and noble objective of electronic cigarette users, discard tobacco in favor of a less harmful alternative.

But the encounters he made ​​during this event have changed his perception.

He talked to Kurt Loeblich, an entrepreneur who has substituted smoking tobacco to vaping after his girlfriend put him in front of her final warning. This young man of 24 has seen his two grandparents dying from lung cancer caused by smoking. He now promotes the use of this tool that diverts people from a very harmful product.

Jené Gutierrez also met Schell Hammel, president of the Alternative Smoke Free Trade Association (SFATA) in Texas. Schell is a woman aware of the legislation in force in this State. It is knows about the threats on the vaping market and she believes that the criticisms with regard to the electronic cigarette can be explained by misinformation and fear. She is lucid and even thinks that a small fraction of the vaping community has triggered this odd and bad image.

The Vape Blast 2015 has given the image of an event where participants are ready to share their knowledge on the product and to open smokers’ mind to the vape and a substantial improvement of their health.

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