A fully equipped box

Futuristic design, with very good usability and, located on the edge, a “trigger” button, an OLED display, two knobs and a mini USB port for charging. So far, nothing new under the sun.
Embedding a 18,650 battery in a very compact size, the box delivers up to 75W and offers temperature control features, now standard in the industry. It offers the standard current guarantees against short circuits, overload and under-discharge of the batteries, and polarity switch.

The battery door is extremely well tightened with two powerful magnets and a pin which prevents any form of slack. Very comfortable and lightweight, it proves to be a very good box, powerful, compact with a nice finish.

Available in different colors, it will seduce vapers attracted by innovative designs and compactness.

An innovative Tank

The Target tank is at the heart of true innovation. From the outside, it looks just like any others: Pyrex tank, airflow ring at the base and massive coil inside, a diameter of 22mm and a capacity of 3.5ml.

It’s when you start looking at what makes up the coil that you take the measure of innovation. Here, no wire, not cotton, but a porous ceramic placed in the center and surrounded by cotton for sealing.

Ceramic is indeed agglomerated around the coil, which allows a uniform heat distribution throughout the ceramic. Steam production is fairly amazing, even at a reasonable power (20/30W), the taste of e-liquid is really pure, without aftertaste of metal or cotton, even with a new ceramic coil.

The endurance is pretty amazing too. After spending 35ml e- liquid in 80% VG, it still works like brand new and shows no signs of weakness or a significant drop in flavor.

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