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The petition initiated by Kevin Price has already received more than 9,000 support testimonies and will probably reach the 10,000 in the coming hours.

It attracts the attention to the fact that vaping products are regarded by Facebook and most authorities as tobacco products because they contain nicotine. Some testimonies recall that nicotine is also present in vegetables like eggplants, cauliflowers, tomatoes and potatoes.

For smokers who quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, considering a drug and its antidote under the same regulation is unsubstantiated.

A similar petition obtained a massive support, last year, when A Billion Lives, Aaron Bieber’s documentary, had been censored by Facebook.


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6 years ago

We cannot make a stand for vaping unless we change this categorization. Vaping is not tobacco, nor is it a pharmaceutical. Vaping needs to be in its own category.