Quality, sober design and simplicity are appealing new vapers

Unpacking reserves a very pleasant surprised by the quality of presentation. The kit is contained in a pretty white cardboard box with a magnetic flap.

Inside, one finds the full kit for a beginner: a 1000 mAh battery, a clearomiseur, two resistors of 1.5 Ω, two drip tips, a micro-USB cable, spare seals and, more surprisingly, a transparent-blue plastic holder.

Good idea, that holder: Since the battery is a tube of 18 mm in diameter, it can easily roll over and fall without from a table. Once securized on its holder, the Endura, remain stable. The color is more questionable, but it’s subjective.

Another pleasant surprise is that Innokin printed a clear explanatory diagram on the back flap of the box. Fortunately, it is visual enough that even non-native could understand how to use the Endura T18.

Technically and visually, the Endura follows the basic design of the Emow by KangerTech, a setup released in June 2014. Like its competitor, it’s a pretty thin tube (18 mm), discreet and with a beautiful finish, that incorporates the latest technologies, since the release of the Emow.

For example, the Endura T18 has the “passthrough” function, which allows vaping while charging the battery via the micro USB socket at the bottom of the battery. In addition, the outlet is protected by a flap. It’s clever and effective.

Another positive point, no need to unscrew the clearomizer to fill up the tank. Simply unscrew the top of the tank, introduce the pipette and fill it up. Beware, however, the passage is narrow, wide pipettes require a bit of dexterity.

Once the tank is full. Screw the top of the tank and plug on the drip-tip. At this stage, a five-minute wait is necessary for the resistance to optimally soak into the liquid. The drip-tip, made of stainless steel or Delrin (very soft) in mouth, press the Fire and you’re done.

The Fire is not rattling, which confirms that the manufacturing is of good quality. It happened to me that the Fire remained stuck for a few milliseconds after releasing it. A bad point.

Silence and thick vapor, the vaping experience is pleasant

The draught is tight and I admit I looked for the airflow ring, in vain. In fact, the airflow is constituted of some tiny grooves located at the bottom of the tank and at the top of the battery. Be very careful to adjust the clearomizer’s notch with that of the battery to get the optimal draught.

An airflow ring would have been more efficient. Nevertheless, a tight draught should be more adapted to the beginner. Despite this outcome, the volume of vapor is awesome.

Another good point is attributed to the coil that is designed with 3mm-wide openings on its surface allowing the use of the thickest full-VG juices without worrying about dry hit.

For the rendering of flavors, nothing exceptional but the Endura T18 passes the consumer’s test with honours.

Technical review

The main features of the Endura T18 by Innokin are:

  • A non-variable battery of 1000 mAh and 14 W
  • Two 1.5Ω coils with organic cotton wool
  • Tank volume: 2.5 ml
  • Connexion: 510
  • A round-shaped Fire with a multicolored LED lighting (5-press ON/OFF)
  • Protection against reverse polarity and against short circuits
  • Recharge with micro- USB cable (provided)
  • Battery charge indicator with a multicolored LED
  • Four colors available (metal, black, green and pink)
  • Two 2.5 ml removable Pyrex tanks
  • A spare kit of washers
  • A user manual in english
  • A plastic holder
  • Diameter: 18 mm
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Length: 14.5 cm
  • Clearomizer’s length: 5.5 cm

Small regret though, the power is not adjustable. The battery delivers 14 W in continuous, a small defect that prevents you to personalize the setup. With a coil of 1.5 Ω, liquid consumption remains moderate and the capacity (2.5 ml) of the tank is not a concern for the autonomy.

Acceptable autonomy

The battery and 1000 mAh capacity are reasonable, but it allowed me vaping for half a day when used intensely. In moderate use, it lasted a complete day. The Fire rim’s colour (orange or red) indicates the remaining charge of the battery when releasing the pressure.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Good manufacturing
  • Sober design
  • Simplicity of use
  • Price
  • Great production of vapor
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • Refill from the top
  • Passthrough (vaping while charging)
  • Plastic holder
  • Spare parts (Pyrex tank, washers)

The “-“:

  • Non-adjustable power
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • No charger


Rate: 4.4/5. A perfect kit for beginners

Discretion, sober design, ease of use, great vapor volume, no leakage of liquid to deplore, no seepage, no liquid raising in the drip-tip even after successive big puffs. Despite some minor oversights, the Endura T18 at a price below €40 is a great value for the money. Experienced Vapers who enjoy tight flow vaping may even be seduced by the qualities of this setup for a mobile use. Perhaps the best compliment for a setup for beginners.


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