Last weekend, the Vape Jam UK 2016 was held in the London ExCeL. This large meeting for the English vape hosted for three days more than 300 exhibitors, thousands of vapers and a few conferences. Among the guests, the American reviewer and expert, Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, operations manager for the specialty stores Mountain Oak Vapors, and the reviewer Nick Green, founder of

The three specialists moved to the Vape Jam UK to discuss around the EU TPD, the defense of the electronic cigarette and the general future of the industry.

Apparently, the organizers felt that their intervention dragged on and thanked the speakers Busardo, Agrafiotis and Green by asking them to get off the stage to make way for the next events: a cloud contest, a vape model contest and a throw out of t-shirts and free e-liquids.

[Update April 5, 2016 : Phil Busardo let us know that the speakers even didn’t do their speech. Their talk had simply been cancelled before.]

Phil Busardo expressed his deepest disappointment on his blog, yesterday, and a more virulent rant on his Facebook page, today. The Vaper from Rochester apologizes to the attendees who waited impatiently the intervention of the three specialists on the legal aspects and the future of the market.

Busardo pulls no punches. He denounces the excesses of this type of meetings that leave the festive party (half naked girls, sub-ohm clouds contests, etc.) take precedence over the roots of the electronic cigarette and its committed community dimension.

He recalled that the vape is not a contest, the personal vaporizer is endangered by regulations and that its original purpose is to divert smokers from cigarettes, thus saving lives.

Phil Busardo has more than 130,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel. No doubt his mood message will echo in forthcoming videos.


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