A bottom feeder made by Kanger

First a quick recap, what is a box in the bottom feeder? This is a box that integrates a squeezable vial of e-liquid that feeds the dripper via a 510 connection. It is the ideal to enjoy the qualities of a dripper without having to carry a bottle of e-liquid.

Previously dedicated to a specific niche of vapers the bottom feeder box was accessible at prices above 150 euros. Kanger slashes prices to the bone with its Dripbox, offered around 40 euros, to which must be added the price a 18,650 battery.

Technical features

The essential features are:

  • A mechanical mod (60W, protected),
  • A Subdrip dripper,
  • RBA Two RBA bases pre-mounted in 0.2 Ω dual-coil
  • Tank Capacity: 7 ml
  • Connection: eGo/510
  • A round button with a LED lighting (5-press on/off)
  • Protection against reverse polarity and against short-circuits
  • Recharge with micro-USB cable
  • Viewing battery charge with a multi color LED
  • A spare soft plastic vial of 7 ml
  • A bag of Organic cotton
  • A set of screws, resistors and Phillips screwdriver
  • A user manual
  • Dripper Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Length: 82 mm
  • Width: 39 mm
  • Available in 3 colors (black, white and red)

Full kit for an easy start

The pack of the Dripbox kit is very complete. It consists of a secured mech box of 60W, a flask containing 7 ml and a dual-coil Subdrip dripper. Replacement parts are numerous: a spare flexible plastic tank, spare screws and pre-made coils, the traditional blue Phillips screwdriver and a second pre-mounted RBA base .

The box is light and fits well in the hand. Filling the vial is very simple. Simply remove the magnetic cap, then remove the flask and fill it up to 7 ml of liquid. Then, slide the vial along the metal rod which is used to feed the dripper with juice. Good point, the pin goes to the bottom of the vial. If you do not fill it to the top, you have to pump several times until you see the liquid on the cotton.

60 Watt and 0.2Ω

The Dripbox is a mech box, but it is secured by a fuse. No worries, in case of bad calculations, for example. On the original settings, the Dripbox delivers 60W on 2 coils of about 0.2 Ω. Kanger also recommended not to mount it with a lower resistance. Direct inhalation and double airflow wide open are mendatory! The airflows adjustment is achieved by simply rotating the top cap.

The Subdrip meets the challenge and produces large clouds. For the rendering of flavors is rather average, it is with airflows at the top of the quite large atomization chamber. It is rather to be classified as clouds chasers.

A minimal RBA base

The major weakness of this Dripbox stands at the level of the RBA base. It doesn’t appear flexible at rebuilding: It has only two small holes so forget the mounting of a Clapton with its thick wires. We are far from the ease of a Velocity base, for example. Fortunately, Subdrip is not proprietary of Kanger. The solution is to choose a compatible dripper, bottom feeder, of a better quality better and/or more suitable for one’s vape .

Always pleasant, thanks to its passthrough mode, you can vape while charging the Dripbox via its micro-USB socket on the side.

IMG_1165The vial is squeezable enough and liquid is supplied to the dripper by many small holes around the RBA base. Simple, efficient, especially as I had no leaks.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Good value for money
  • Securized Mech Box
  • Compact
  • Large volume of steam
  • Ease of use
  • Full Replacement Kit
  • No leaks
  • Micro-USB on the side
  • Unser manual included

The “-“:

  • Perfectible finish
  • Non-variable power
  • Dual-coil Dripper mandatory
  • Limited NBP mounting plate


Rating of 4/5. Compact, usable, easy to use even for beginners, the Dripbox by Kanger has many strengths. However, it is not perfect. The dripper, its weak point, is too basic. Hopefully, it can be replaced. The manufacturing quality and materials used are far from high-end, we feel that Kanger pulled prices wherever possible to offer an unbeatable price. In the end, Dripbox is a consistent bottom feeder offering a childlike simplicity of use that will appeal to dripper lovers. It can even be a gateway to the world of dripping. After Subtank, Dripbox is probably the new big shot of the brand.

Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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dripbox-starter-kit-by-kangertechDripbox is a consistent bottom feeder offering a childlike simplicity of use that will appeal to dripper lovers. It can even be a gateway to the world of dripping. After Subtank, Dripbox is probably the new big shot of the brand.