I will not deal with the Squape R that I could not test at its release but that made the success of the manufacturer. This modder draw attention in 2013 with a well-designed rebuildable atomizer  whose singularity was laying in the ease of home-made coil making and mounting.

The excellent manufacturing quality is still present but the usability, more specifically in the handling and the mounting of the coil unfortunately vanished in the fresh Swiss air.

This time, I could test this Squape X as soon as it was released, thanks to Pipeline who provided me with one specimen. And I have the chance today to be able to compare it to its most recent high range competitors, Flash e-vapor V4, GTII AirBellus, Lemo 2 or the cheaper Vapor Giant.

To compare them is not piece of cake and, in all objectivity, they all have huge qualities. Nevertheless, depending on the vaping style, qualities are not equivalent from one model to another, se same applies to the e-liquid properties.

One thing is nevertheless sure, this Squape X is less easy than its predecessor with regard to coil mounting. But its filling is easier and the rendering of flavors better, a definite asset to me after years of vaping.

The Squape X, as the Flash e-vapor V4, is close to drippers that render more flavors thanks to a precise adjustable airflow.

The supply of e-liquid directly on the cotton, designed by StattQualm is smart and efficient. It allows a precise supply by rotating the lower ring.

We will also see later that the handling of the mounting base is very useful and easy to open, provided that the Squape is well screwed to the mod and that the functioning of the lower press is fully understood.

In revenge, the absence of notch on this ring is unfortunate but it is nevertheless adapted to the Pipeline Pro 2and simply beautiful.

The price is as usual for an atomizer of quality manufactured in Europe, nothing surprising. The high standard fully justifies the price.

So I have in test a beautiful atomizer, manufactured in stainless steel with a stunning finish, anodized, and some kind of hybridization between a Flash e-vapor V4 and a Taifun GTII Air. The airflow system on the side and the supply of liquid from the top via 4 little holes make it closer to a Flash e-vapor V4 or a Bellus than of a Vapor Giant or a Taifun GTII Air

The rendering of flavors is excellent and the atomizer is a perfect choice for those, like me, who give priority to this aspect. Let’s add an easy filling by the top and the possibility of vaping in single or dual coil. This is the recipe of an ingenious and complete rebuildable atomizer.

Technical features

  • Size (without drip-tip): 54.4 mm
  • Size (including drip-tip): 68 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Connection: 510 via a golden plated screw
  • Drip-tip: type 510 in stainless steel
  • Mounting base and bell: aluminium
  • Capacity: 4 ml
  • Mater: stainless steel 1.4404/316L bright finish
  • Tank: pyrex with one spare
  • Resistance: double ou simple coil
  • Airflow: adjustable with 3 openings, 1 possibility for the single coil
  • Ring with 3 modes: Vaping, Closed et Access to the coil
  • Spare screws and O-rings
  • Allen key

A smart three-mode ring, an insulating plate, top filling, 4 ml and a lateral airflow for the rendering of flavors

Squape X is distinguishable among other because StattQualm kept an identity in its design. It is really well designed and manufactured with precise screw threads, beautiful finish and a carving of the brand’s name with the Helvetic cross.

The pyrex tank is well protected by a metal shell. The ensemble allude to Switzerland and its beautiful watches and the tank windows remind of the Alps. The Squape is undoubtedly robust.

The tank windows are large enough to perfectly visualize the high consumption of liquid of this Squape X. I opted for a mounting in double coil for my first resistances and the X revealed to be very greedy. In return, it provides a generous density of vapor.

To finish wit the general impressions, let’s come back to the beautiful finish of the Squape X. The different elements of this atomizer are perfectly manufactured and finished.

The connexion pads, although very small, are plated with gold fer a better connectivity, the drip-tip is perfectly adjusted. The mounting plate in aluminium is coated by an insulating layer and forgives any failure in the mounting of home-made coils. Finally, the airflow system is well designed not to be too noisy when wide open. Its reduction might create a whistling if the aspiration is too strong.

Finally, excellent news, as for the Flash e-vapor V4, the X grant you of an easy access to the coil anytime by the unlock system. It is enjoyable, especially at the beginning, to make sure that the cotton is in place, in contact with the gutters for liquid supply logically located below the 4 little holes.

Final impression is of an unequalled quality for an original design of the mounting plate that allows opening and closing the system at anytime. The tank can then be filled even if the mounting plate is removed.


Liquid supply and lateral airflow for a perfect vaping in double coil, but the mounting plate innovative system in two parts has the faults of its qualities

As described above, the bell and the insulating aluminium mounting plate’s design is smart but the thickness unfortunately affects the room that is made at the bottom of the atomizer to build and set the coil.

The screws are too small and the room available for the coils is too narrow, mainly in double coil.

It is clearly feasible but not optimal, mainly when changing coils very often. To tighten the screws, one needs the Allen key provided with the tool kit, a screwdriver is ineffective.

Once the coils are set up and tightened, place the cotton. The operation is delicate because of the small room between the coil and the side. It is important for the cotton to be placed correctly so that it soaks in liquid that is supplied by the 4 holes. The central stud inside the mounting plate helps keeping the cotton at the right place during the assembly.

To continue with quality-related inconvenients, I clearly do not understand why StattQualm did not choose a graduated ring for the ease of use of this opening system.

The system by itself is ideal but in operation, it is painful because of the lack of grip on this ring. To open it, it is smooth and you can vape serenely, the rotating motion is the same as for closing the mod and this ring is not useful. Just screw on the atomizer to the left, which opens the airflow and the 4 liquid supplies.

In revenge, to close it after a refill, which happens very often, the ring needs to be held to shut the liquid supply and to prevent unscrewing the atomizer from the mod. If a mod or a box is wider than 22 mm, this operation becomes painful and it is almost mandatory to unscrew the atomizer. My solution was to firmly push down to close the whole without unscrewing the Squape X from the mod. An efficient solution provided that the Squape X has been firmly tightened on the mod or the box.

To finish, the top cap is well designed with its two little notches. It opens easily but it lacks a rim inside to avoid greasing the holder. In fact, when it opens to refill the tank, it is better removing the top cap and leaving it upside down. At that time, the few drops of liquid remaining on its surface are dripping on fingers. It is a bit irritating with time. It is better than Bellus for the handling but it is not fully functional.

A well detailed starting procedure, a user manual in english only, and a few annoyances in operation


The mounting plate and the bell must find their place in the tank. Nothing is more simple: position the ring on the mounting plate by respecting the notches. Impossible to fail. One clic on each side and the bell is permanently in place. No worries, it can easily be disassembled for cleaning.

Setting up the coils on the studs is the following step. The diameter of the hole is wide enough, 2.2 mm, to accept all types of wires, including Clapton.

The operation is not easy and this will undoubtedly be my main criticism. In my case, it is of importance because I change the coils once or twice a week.

This Squape X deserves a double coil and mounting the two wires is slow, meticulous, which is painful at the end. Follows the adjustment of the cotton, which is not that easy as well.

Similarly to the other rebuildable atomizers of this type, keep in mind that the liquid is supposed to soak the four tips of cotton without blocking the holes. Once the cotton wicks are in place in the gutters, under the holes and the ensemble clipsed, you will notice that it works perfectly. No leak, no seepage.

With its rotating mount, you can vape and rotate it to the right, to the left, or look at the coil in the central position. How to recognize the middle position to access the coil? By rotating it to the right and to the left to finally feel when the tank disassembles. It finally comes easily with a bit of training.

I am very demanding with such a beautiful stuff of that price, I can hardly forgive any fault on this type of rebuildable atomizer. Especially since when everything is in place, vaping quality is frankly enjoyable and versatile.

A freewheel airflow ring with three openings for two uses in simple or double coil and an airflow optimizing the rendering of flavors of any liquid

The airflow is well achieved, it is not so noisy but its position cannot be locked. And since the airflow ring that is just below the release ring, is operated very often, the airflow setting can hardly be kept. It is not prohibitive but it deserves mentioning.

Do not forget that you will be obliged to look through the airflow openings to ensure of the position of the release ring. It makes this freewheel solution more clever than if there were notches.

By the way, the rendering of flavors is tightly linked to the airflow design, in a lateral position, and it is in my opinion a huge positive aspect of the Squape X, compared to the former version. The performance in this domain is close to that of a Flash e-vapor V4, my reference.

My preference goes to the Flash e-vapor V4 in simple coil for the ease of operation when mounting and un mounting the coils. In dual coil, I confess that the Squape X has numerous advantages, principally a wide versatility that makes it an excellent purchase for a powerful rebuildable atomizer. In summary, the Flash e-vapor V4 is for the day and the Squape X for the evening. And for people refractory or careful of spending money, they can still go to the excellent Bellus by Youde.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Opening/closing system allowing complete lock
  • Excellent finish, in line with its price
  • Top filling
  • Insulating system that prevents overheating of the tank
  • Rendering of flavors of any liquids
  • Visualisation of liquid level
  • Adjustable airflow from aerial to tightened
  • High quality 
  • Versatility of a simple or a dual coil system
  • Design identifiable

The “-“:

  • Mounting plate and screws too small
  • Absence of notches to increase the grip on the closing ring
  • No visual cue on the closing ring
  • Capacity of 4 ml too small
  • Top cap that get greasy after filling
  • Huge consumption
  • Drip-tip not enough insulated


Rating 4/5: A vaping of premium quality and it is the most important, finally. But are also present some faults that make its use irritating, sometimes, for such a classy rebuildable atomizer, compared to the concurrents in this range of prices. The innovation aspect of the opening and closing system is however balanced by the narrowness of the space inside the chamber to mount the coils. It is or not a sacrifice for a versatile vaping that will surely fit to your desires, tightened or aerial, in single or dual coil. The dream remains unchanged.


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Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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