The Lega Italiana Anti-Fumo (LIAF) where the Prof Riccardo Polosa is Chief Scientific Advisor, announced today the creation of an international Scientific Committee in support of electronic cigarettes in the field of public health. Composed of a dozen of internationally renowned researchers, the committee aims at supporting the deployment of the electronic cigarettes as a less harmful product to public health.

Not only to undertake research but also to correct information based on scientific evidence

Coordinated by Prof R. Polosa, the international committee will not only undertake research but also correct information based on scientific evidence.

Today, professionalism, experience and specialization of each of us come together, with the aim to disseminate and comment on the latest scientific evidence on the research applied to the electronic cigarette and placing itself as an authoritative and critical reference in the media context and Italian science.”

To reinforce a commitment at national and international levels

The committee was created in the wake of the UK’s Public Health England that has repeatedly affirmed its support to the dissemination of the electronic cigarette to reinforce a now widespread commitment at national and international levels in the fight against smoking.

We therefore strive to promote meetings of scientific information, particularly initiatives and, to meet strong demand, which comes from many quarters, to continue research also required the institutions to set a regulation of these products based solely on scientific evidence. The benefits offered by electronic cigarettes in tobacco control over the past five years  bodes well that their disclosure could reduce the leading cause of death in the world. We believe it is right and responsible that science is put to the community with initiatives like this.

The scientific board is eclectic, as commented by Prof R. Polosa: “Each member of this new committee has long supported, through its work and research, that electronic cigarettes are a tool to be kept in high consideration in the fight against smokingeven though it was often hampered by the dissemination of media releases, sometimes unrealistic, that alleged disadvantages for public health.”

  • Prof Umberto Veronesi Scientific Director of the IEO (European Institute of Oncology in Milan), Italy,
  • Prof Umberto Tirelli Istituto Nazionale Tumori in Aviano, Italy,
  • Dr Fabio Beatrice of the Italian Society of Tabaccologia, Italy,
  • Dr Carlo Cipolla of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy,
  • Prof David Nutt of Imperial College London, UK,
  • Dr Mike Siegel of Boston University School of Public Health, USA,
  • Dr Sally Satel of the American Enterprise Institute, USA,
  • Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos from the University of Patras, Greece,
  • Dr Jacques Le Houezec  Consultant of Public Health in Rennes, France,
  • Prof Marcus Munafo  the University of Bristol, UK,
  • Dr Pasquale Caponnetto  the Italian Lega Anti Smoking, Italy.

sources: LIAF, Riccardo Polosa and

The international Scientific Committee in support of electronic cigarettes in the field of public health at work:

EU: Creation of an international Scientific Committee in support of electronic cigarettes in the field of public health

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Robert Innes
Robert Innes
8 years ago

Terrific news!

Ray P. G.Yeates
Ray P. G.Yeates
8 years ago

A+ Just what the good doctors ordered! Congratulations and Thank you all.

7 years ago

This is great news for public health. As we may not know all the long term effects of vaping, we know for sure the effects of tobacco smoking is. We know for sure that vaping saves lives and smoking kills half of the smokers..