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Ireland: Government wonder if taxing Ecigs is pertinent

Attracted by new tax revenues, the Irish government seriously consider applying to vaping products a new tax regime but fear a counter-productive effect on tobacco control.


€8.3 million could be raised from e-liquids

Irish Department of Finance is proposing a taxation of 50 cents per 10 ml of e-liquid, what could raise funding of €8.3 million per year. This measure is part of a global strategy that has been published by the Minister.

Public health caught in the vise of tax revenues

Predictions might however be facing two obstacles. Firstly, collecting this tax wouldn’t be an easy task when considering the various forms under which e-liquids are supplied to customers. Secondly, the Department of Finance is also careful when noticing that e-cigarette is also considered healthier than smoking and an aid to quit.

Irish Department of Health is drafting a proposal to licence selling points of tobacco and of any nicotine delivery systems, among which e-cigarettes. Among provisions related to vaping products, a ban on selling machines and an interdiction to sell to minors of age. Ireland is the second country in Europe regarding tax rate of tobacco products.

To date, several tax proposals on vaping products, with some of them already implemented, have been listed in the EU.

Member States decide to tax e-liquids before EU Commission’s proposal

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