“It is an honor for me to present you the book titled: “Analytical Assessment of e-Cigarettes: From Contents to Chemical and Particle Exposure Profiles”Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

Analytical Assessment of E-Cigarettes: From Contents to Chemical and Particle Exposure Profiles is co-authored by Konstantinos Farsalinos, Gene Gillman, Stephen Hecht, Riccardo Polosa and Jonathan Thornburg, five of the most well-recognized scientists in their areas of expertise who disclose no personal stake in the e-cigarette industry or the opposition.

The book is edited by Elsevier and RTI International as part of a book series titled: Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry (Brian Thomas, Ed.) and contains a foreword written by Dr Neal Benowitz.

“An unprecedented level of scientific detail”

This first edition covers many of the issues raised with the electronic cigarette “in an unprecedented level of scientific detail” and discusses how analytical methods can address these issues.

The authors describe the analytical methods used to characterize the chemicals in e-liquid and e-vapor, chemistry and physics involved in aerosol production, inhalation, deposition, chemical exposure, and effect assessment, and a sate-of-the-science methods on e-cigarette emissions, exposures, and harm assessment.

The book has been written to inform of the potential health impact of e-cigarettes. The intended audience is analytical chemists, pharmacologists, medical doctors, tobacco stakeholders, manufacturers, distributors, users, legislators and their staffs, regulatory scientists and administrators, and public health officials.

Content overview:

  • Introduction to e-Cigarettes (K.E. Farsalinos)
  • Analytical Testing of e-Cigarette Aerosols (I.G. Gillman)
  • Exposures to e-Cigarette Vapor (J. Thornburg)
  • Biomarkers for Assessment of Chemical Exposures from e-Cigarette Emissions (S.S. Hecht)
  • Review of Compounds of Regulatory Concern (K.E. Farsalinos)
  • Potential Impact of e-Cigarette Usage on Human Health (R. Polosa)


The book is available in Elsevier webstore, Amazon and all other online book stores.

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