One of the highest priorities for Vape advocates is steadily approaching sooner than many may have anticipated or may realize. Whether advocating as a member of an organization or operating as one individual who is advocating the only way they know how, or perhaps joining smaller advocacy groups who are often referred to as “underground advocates” sharing ideas and actively assisting the movement in more ways than they receive credit for.

At this juncture, no matter who or what Vapers claim to represent, there is one of the most significant events in this movement taking place very soon in which all Vape advocates and ordinary everyday Vapers must come together and agree to proceed with direct action.

This event consisting of a vote will largely affect millions of American lifestyles in a very serious manner, carrying with it only the most negative of impacts if the altruistic efforts of two Congressman were to fail as a result. It is a vote to accept or deny a motion designed as a bipartisan legislative approach to preserve the vast innovation achieved within the industry to remain legally available, hoping to allow small businesses to remain operational, prevent the loss of thousands of jobs and ultimately allow those smokers who wish to quit to eventually pursue taking a chance at living the Vaping lifestyle much like all the other veteran Vapers out there today.

Last remaining hope to save vaping

Now, there is no better moment to announce this significantly crucial decision that U.S. state’s representatives are being urged to decide to support or reject. This has been labeled as one of the last remaining hopes for preserving the availability of vapor products in American society. All in all, the reason it is crucial for Vapers to act ASAP is because The House of Representatives plans to vote ASAP on the Cole-Bishop Amendment (PDF).

This has grown to become something Congress must decide soon. However, if time is truly of the essence, when exactly will they cast their votes for the Cole-Bishop Amendment? According to the Vaping Legion, a US-based group of fierce Vaping advocates equipped with highly-connected, reliable sources, have recently confirmed that the Congressional vote for the Cole-Bishop Amendment will be held for our elected officials to decide as soon as the first week of December, 2016.

In other words, sometime within the next couple of weeks, the fate of the legal Vaping industry is in the hands of an extremely hostile and divided government body. Who are your state’s members of Congress? Where do they stand on this issue? Perhaps you do not care for politics, but make no mistake, Vaping has indeed become a political issue. So, if you care for Vaping, then perhaps this time you should care about politics.

The “Vaping Legion” Advocacy Group alerts U.S. Vape community

One of the most outspoken and active members of the Vaping Legion, Tristan Thompson, says “With Cole-Bishop going up for a vote on the first week of December, it just seems odd. But, believe me my sources are rock solid. Everyone we communicate with has been telling us when this vote will happen and this is for sure going to happen before the government transitions at the end of January 2017.”

He continued by stating, “if you search for the information yourself, you will most likely not find anything about it – apparently they are keeping it quiet for a reason. Probably because we have been told the Cole-Bishop Amendment is expected to fail by 60%! The time for our voices to be heard is now!”

Tristan and the Vaping Legion confirmed that all of their sources must remain anonymous, but they are reliable professionals and do not typically make the mistake of providing the Legion with false information. Therefore, it is safe to say, this is definitely happening. The more important question is what are Vaper’s going to do about it?

Extending the grandfather date

This amendment will allow existing vape products to remain on the market by extending the grandfather date to August 8, 2016. As the FDA regulations currently are published, only vape products marketed prior to February 15, 2007 will be allowed on the market. It seems like a tasteless joke, but that is for real. Vaping prior to 2007 was virtually unknown. Perhaps, the worst quality, horribly tasting first ever “cig-a-likes” were the only available products to choose from.

Regardless, supporting and essentially passing this amendment will allow for a number of things to occur within our social system of dramatic political circumstances and government intrusion, the most important is of course changing the predicate date. Passing the Cole-Bishop amendment will support jobs and the economy, providing the consumer choices needed to quit smoking.

As noted, this is a bipartisan amendment. Introduced by GOP Rep. Tom Cole and Democrat Rep. Sanford Bishop, the amendment passed by 31-19 this past April – despite the objections and protest of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. At least this time, Debbie should not be a problem since her resignation took place months ago during the Presidential race, as we learned, she was involved with some questionable actions and possible corruption.

Support Cole-Bishop Call-To-Action

Vaping advocates might want to put this developing situation at the forefront of their minds. Then, after it becomes your number one priority the next step is to take action by calling and writing letters to anyone and everyone – sending emails and making social media posts on every account you have on the web. Especially contacting your state’s legislators by phone, physical mail, email, social media. “This could be our last chance to help the industry,” says the Vaping Legion.

To partake in direct action by fully showing support of fellow advocacy groups and individual advocates will assist with convincing lawmakers to vote in favor of Cole-Bishop. It only seems logical to follow the Call-To-Action announced by the Vaping Legion. Given what could be described as a nightmare scenario, if this Amendment fails – Vapers fail.

This is a crucial point in history that Vapers could truly make a real difference. So, what can a vaper do to help? Partner with shops and juice makers on a mass campaign to send out as many letters as possible – your legislators need to hear from you. Print out the document attached to this article which may appear to look similar to letters already sent, yet this a newly revised edition which explains exactly what will happen if Cole-Bishop is not supported.

What is the best course of action to take in order to quickly advocate for this undoubtedly significant cause? The best option for advocating at this point is to click the link that is listed below in order to display a basic letter template. Following these simple steps, it is advisable to then print off the letter, fill it out accordingly and send it to your state legislators. Perhaps politicians may not come to our aid, however, at this point we have no other options but to share our stories with them so they understand what’s at stake. Don’t give up.

First step in advocating for Cole-Bishop Call-To-Action

Follow Link Listed Below: A Letter for your Participation, followed by mass Circulation :

Fill-out, then share this Important Advocacy Initiative – Courtesy of the Vaping Legion.

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Nacht Noir
Nacht Noir
7 years ago

With the announcement that Congress will not be voting on an “Omnibus” style budget this year and passing a temporary budget instead, there more than likely will not be a vote on Cole-Bishop til next March.

The Presidential election outcome has thrown a lot of apple carts over in Washington, and Paul Ryan made the announcement last week that the status quo after inauguration day will be a better environment to get business friendly legislation passed.

The vote threshold needed with a Republican President and a Republican Congress is different, and it will be harder for Democrats to block bills in that situation.

It may be frustrating for us vapers, but a short wait will hopefully yield better results. So let’s not be upset that this vote will not happen in December. Our chances at victory are much better.

This does not mean that we can drag our feet though. Every vaper still needs to get off their asses and pick up the phone to tell their representatives that a change of the predicate date is paramount to saving jobs and businesses. We need to keep making this call every month until the budget vote in March. These politicians have a lot of things on their mind, and vaping needs to get in there and stay.

Reply to  Nacht Noir
7 years ago

Thanks for commenting. Well said my friend! My whole point was to keep this fresh in the mind of Vapers…b/c Whether they vote next month, next year or the year after, that’s besides the point, what Vapers must do is continue to advocate continuously…TOGETHER! Thanks again Nacht Noir, your comment was brilliant!

Cali Steam
Cali Steam
7 years ago

We as vapors need to stay close to the Cole Bishop Amendment and encourage our local legislators to support it. Keeping this top of mind is going to help us all.