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This article began as a brief update on the New York state budget that Vaping Post has been following closely, providing, up-to-the-minute coverage of this ongoing issue of tax hikes and other vape restrictions by state governments. We were first contacted to be informed about how the NY State Assembly was currently removing all language related to vapor products except for a minor tax early Saturday morning. Yet, as the day progressed, more actions also took place.

In order to fully illustrate a clear picture of the unpredictable circumstances in NY State’s Legislature, it is first beneficial to mention that these revisions to the budget literally are changing by the minute, the hour and especially all throughout this weekend – specifically just during this one Saturday.

Considering this, when studying the processes of the New York State Legislature it is necessary to provide a summarized timeline of sorts – pretty much a generalized representation that reveals a timeframe of when very significant events took place all in one day – nothing too fancy. To summarize,there will be two separate articles explaining what unfolded in a matter of hours.

7am EST Prior Vape Language Nearly Removed from NY Budget

“Nearly” removed? Well, of course, did you think they would toss it all out and in matter of days (suspense is building)? As if the NY State Assembly Members would now all be sampling flavors, sharing trick tips, collecting high-end mods, creating pseudonyms for their social media accounts and #ChuckVapeCloudsOnDaBudget?

We could only dream of a “perfect” world. The point is that it seems negotiating sensible language to include in the budget was made possible by logical debate and cooperation from both political parties able to come together to compromise on specifics #ThankYouNYStateAssembly.

All jokes aside, this is a crucial topic to inform our readers of. This week was full of action and verbal threats among legislators – many things were said and it certainly sparked a fuse or hit a nerve – action has indeed been taken. All week, the NY state Legislature was like a soap opera as all events had entertainment value. So let’s learn how this all transpired.

Hold Down Rewind. Vape. Keep rewinding to last weekend. Press Play. Vape. Watch and Listen closely if you find this type of subject matter of great importance or have mild interest, you’re ready to proceed.

Political Cooperation

Initially, in the 2017-2018 Executive Budget proposed by Governor Cuomo’s Office for the entire state of New York, it suggested some pretty harsh regulating for vapor products. The proposed budget would have caused severe restrictions for consumers and unrealistic conditions for small business owners to properly operate.

Momentarily, it must be made perfectly clear that it is necessary to directly address and ultimately inform the leadership of our American states. Briefly, allow this concept to sink in – that is, the biggest mistake any state government could ever make, in hindsight, is to try and govern vapor products facilitating the same ideas and imposing themselves on the industry the same way they would do for traditional cigarettes. Why is this a mistake? Any consumer of vapor products could very easily answer this question.

Did you answer it or did you give up? Regardless the answer consists of the same language and viewpoint you would use to express all the keywords and phrases learned from using this new harm reducing technology.

Vaping is NOT Smoking

Therefore, without further to do, please understand that Vaping is NOT Smoking!

Cigarettes are so much different than Vapor Products in almost every way, except for the imitated motions for consumption. Yes, Vapers do inhale and exhale vapor that includes nicotine, although some choose 0mg of nicotine to vape.

To confuse the two as being similar in function is one thing, but to regulate this technology the same way as an archaic form of creating deadly illnesses or to use them for excessive taxation purposes – then you may find this tactic will not prove to be nearly as lucrative as it has been while raising taxes for Big Tobacco to pay, as they are such a huge industry, those taxes are not too damaging to their revenue stream.

Vaping is what it is largely due to the working class citizens who became small business owners, this is not the same industry as Big Tobacco. However, after noticing the popularity and effectiveness of Vaping, the Big Tobacco Industry finally invested in R&D and low and behold, now they have their own harm reduction products in the form of cig-a-likes for their consumers hoping to reduce harm from their top selling product.

What a concept! “Try our Harm Reduction products from our Top-Selling Products responsible for Harm Production!” Big Tobacco truly is quite ingenious and much much older. They are veterans operating the three-ring-circus in which they operate in as well. It makes no sense. Thus, ingenious.

Thank the Heavens for the Vapor Advocates

Vaping Post had been in contact with a number of advocates in NY all day. The first NY vape advocate to contact us was Matthew Salter was the original source to inform The Vaping Post, immediately declaring, “The 40 cent/ml tax on eliquid has been changed to 10 cents/ml. Now, just waiting to see if any other vapor language will be included with the clean indoor act. Regardless, as of this very moment, ALL other language, to my knowledge, was tossed from the New York State budget.” While also revealing proof of this in the form of words taken directly from the revised vape regulations found on budget.ny.gov

The New York State Government has had one of the most productive weeks where almost every public official did their job as leaders of a proud democracy. However, advocates for countless politicized issues also were very influential. Not to mention, Governor Cuomo did also directly threaten to withhold the Legislature’s compensation – but as the saying goes “it’s all political.” Right? Who knows?

The Rewritten Budget

That’s correct, this reworded language in the 2017-2018 annual budget has been posted online, so hopefully we will see this posted revision eventually printed in ink and signed with more ink.

Vaping Post spoke with Vape Advocates and Vape Industry Professionals all week as there was much to be discussed in reference to vape regulations included in the Governor’s proposed 2017-2018 state budget. Once again, Friday evening, we were contacted by a trusted advocate about this potentially groundbreaking progress for decreasing the severity of overreach when regulating vapor products.

As Mr. Salter explained, “To me and many other NY advocates or any of those who work in the industry as well as consumers in our state – so, basically the majority of everyone who would be effected by the vapor restrictions will now most definitely see this rewritten proposal with the 10 cent tax as “reasonable,” – it is far better than the 40cents per ml initially written in the budget”

Following this, we asked, “Is there any language in the newly written budget that threatens to fine consumers for carrying over 100ml?” Mr. Salter quickly replied, stating, “Nope. It appears that portion was thrown out.”

After injuring how this might affect small businesses, Matthew says, There will essentially be a $3 increase on a 30ml bottle of eliquid and $12 on a 120ml – which is doable. The smart thing to do would be to just accept this minor increase as sensible regulation and move on – no complaints here.”

Asking how the NY Vape Community will react, Salter says, “I hope people realize that it’s not detrimental. If anything, it means they will leave us alone. And considering smoking is taxed at $5.75 a pack. It’s definetly a win.”

Mr. Salter sums up exactly what we discussed about this new budget proposal language technically means. Salter says, “Could the assembly change their minds and fight back for the 40cent/ml tax? Sure. It is a possibility. But looking at the legislative process – everyone puts onto paper what they think will be a good solution, then they all disagree, then they revise and reform and when they officially “release” the newly revised written proposal as a whole, it’s the sign that it’s gonna be the final word. If anything, it just gives us another time to say “we told you so” – this should be considered as progress in the right direction.”

This is all reassuring and agreeable. However, of course Matthew reminds us that this does not at all mean the 10 cent per ml tax is now the law of the land, as this is language regarding the rewritten proposal for the budget, which has not yet been passed. Therefore, hopes should still remain high, but it’s not over till it’s over. Perhaps, the revising of the budget is not yet completed just on this one weekend. It’s very possible this 10 cent tax could become 40 again, that would so disappointing. Or, perhaps it could decrease to zero? One can only hope.

More Than Likely To be continued…

Source: budget.ny.gov
(Early Morning Saturday 8th of April 2017)


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Thomas Vlahoff
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OMG!! This would be great news for Vapor’s and Vape Shops EVERYWHERE!! Please keep us updated!! 🙂

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Vaping Post
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