Inline with countless other studies, the three main findings were that vaping does not act as a gateway to smoking, that e-cigarettes are not as addictive as regular cigarettes, and also that vaping dramatically reduces smoking rates.
A Spanish vapers association, Anesvap has released data which confirms what other countless studies have shown. The three main findings were that contrary to what many sources, such as the previous US Surgeon General, have claimed, vaping does not act as a gateway to smoking in young adults, that vaping is not as addictive as smoking, and also that it dramatically reduces smoking rates.

The research suggests that 99.6% of vapers in Spain are adults, with the average age being that of 38.5. Of these 79% are males and 20.5% are females. In terms of consumption of nicotine, the data indicates that the average concentration users use when they first start off vaping is that of 11.42 mg / ml of nicotine, whereas the mean average at present stands at 4.04 mg / ml of nicotine.

The dangers of harsh bans highlighted once again

85.81% of the study subjects stated that flavours were important in enticing them to switch from smoking to vaping.
More importantly, 85.81% of the study subjects stated that the wide array of flavors available were important in enticing them to switch to vaping and quit smoking. This goes inline with what many public health experts have been saying in response to the numerous e-cigarette flavour bans that have been popping up around the world, and especially in the US.


Most of the respondents, 90%, said that they took on vaping in a bid to improve their health. This study suggests that 92.43% of those detected improvements. In line with figures obtained from the Eurobarometer 458,  the current vaping population in Spain is calculated at approximately 300,000 users.

Vaping regulations go into effect in Spain, and more to come


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