Eleaf’s Ello Duro is a subohm clearomizer designed for very airy high power vessels. It uses mesh resistors, a design that has the wind in its sails, for a very convincing result.

Two tank configurations

Eleaf’s Ello Duro is relatively classic in its general design, which is neither a defect nor a quality in itself. You won’t find the revolutionary innovation that will shake up the concept of the subohm clearomiseur for centuries to come, but it does incorporate proven recipes into a coherent and effective whole.

Its realization is in conformity with the current standards and does not call for any particular reproach. The finishes are meticulous, the adjustments precise and the whole leaves an impression of solidity and reassuring potential longevity.

The drip tip is beautiful in any version, but it is not 810 standard. This is a proprietary drip tip, which you will not be able to replace with another model if you wish.

The clearomizer is delivered with two tanks. The first, originally installed, is curved and contains 6.5 ml of liquid. It is transparent and Pyrex on the classic versions, and acrylic on the versions where you can see inclusions inside like the white model in the photo. Be careful in this case with aromas known to easily crack as synthetic materials.

The second tank and in all cases straight and in pyrex, for a liquid capacity of 5 ml. The differences between the two stop at autonomy and aesthetics, but this additional option is always welcome.

Technical review

The essential characteristics of Eleaf Ello Duro

  • Type of equipment: clearomiseur
  • Diameter: 28 mm (25 mm at the base)
  • Height: 50.8 mm with drip tip
  • Capacity: 6,5 ml
  • Weight : 57 g
  • Filling: from above
  • Coild heads : 0.2 / 0.15 ohm

The box includes : Ello Duro (x1), spare tank (x1), spare parts (x1), coil heads (x2), manual (x1)

Filling is easy

Filling Ello Duro is convenient and is done from the top without having to unscrew anything. Simply push the top cap, the upper part of the clearomizer, which slides to reveal the filling hole. The mechanism is pleasant to handle and has no play in either open or closed position. A small marker indicates where to push to open.

The filling opening is largely large enough for all tips and droppers, and with a little care you can even fill the tank directly into the neck of a bottle.

Generous air flow

The air inlet is through three huge openings at the base of the clearomizer. Their dimensions clearly indicate the colour, the air flow is very, very airy and remains relatively silent whatever its setting. It is of course adjustable by turning the corresponding ring, but it is useless to hope to obtain a really restrictive air flow.

In the wide open position, the air flow is free and virtually unrestricted. The adjustment has very little effect until the position is half closed, then gradually reduces the air flow to make it… a little restrictive. The three cyclopses are 3.2 mm high, and a slot of a few tenths of a millimetre would have to be left to really restrict the air flow. It is useless anyway, the resistances are not intended to do in half measure.

Two mesh coils

The Ello Duro is supplied with two coil heads, a given HW-N of 0.2 ohm for use between 40 and 90 W and a HW-M of 0.15 ohm for use between 50 and 100 W. In use, both seem to give better results around 70-80 W.

The HW-N, on the left in the photo, uses a very large mesh while the HW-M on the right uses a perforated surface. To be honest, I didn’t notice any difference between the two beyond the fact that the HW-M requires about 10 W more for an equivalent go to the HW-N. This is rather good news, since both offer excellent flavor rendering and a dense steam as desired.

By passing from one to the other with the same liquid, one notices well some differences of rendering but which hold more of the nuance, which more is variable according to liquids. To put it clearly, I am unable to give you objective and consistent differences between the two. They are delivered in the box, you can make your own opinion before ordering the spare parts of the one that will have your preference.
In summary

We like

  • Quality of realization
  • Tank capacity
  • Easy filling
  • The excellent rendering of flavours

We don’t like

  • Proprietary drip tip

More pictures from the Ello Duro clearomizer

Value for money
Manufacturing quality
Vape quality
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eleaf-ello-duro-reviewEleaf's Ello Duro is a very good subohm clearomizer. It does not propose any particular innovation, but takes on its own proven recipes. It is very well made and easy to use on a daily basis. It offers two tank options and provides an excellent vape, with a remarkable flavour rendering for this class of material. A clearomiseur recommended without hesitation if you appreciate very aerial vaping at powers around 80 W.