Compact and ergonomic

The Armour Pro box is as compact as a simple 18650 battery, while also being compatible with the 20700 and 21700. A small feat, especially since the user-friendliness is particularly pleasant with rounded shapes and a large trigger that also shelters the screen.

The display is colorful and offers a pleasant definition, but we can blame its lack of legibility in full sun. The menus are particularly simple and intuitive, despite the many features available.

The box manages power control, curves, temperature control with all wires, bypass mode. It also offers a clock and customization of the screen.

This neat design and impeccable finishes make it a really pleasant object and easy to use on a daily basis. Battery charging can be done via USB at 2 A if your adapter allows it.

Technical review

The essential features of the Armour Pro / Cascade Baby Tank kit from Vaporesso

  • Type of equipment: regulated kit
  • Dimensions mod : 86 mm by 38.5 mm by 27 mm
  • Battery: 1 x 21700 / 20700 / 18650
  • Charging: USB 2 A
  • Power: from 5 to 100 W
  • Temperature control: Ni200 / Ti / stainless steel / TCR
  • Atomizer dimensions: 25 mm on 43 (out of drip tip)
  • Capacity: 5 ml
  • Filling: from above
  • Resistors: 5 references from 30 to 110 W
  • Drip tip : 510
  • Kit weight : 182 g

The box includes: Armour Pro / Cascade Baby Tank kit (x1), box (x1), clearomiseur (x1), spare parts (x1), resistors (x2), USB cord (x1), 18650 adapter (x1), user manual (x1)

The electronics are excellent, but…

Like the brand’s latest models, the Armour Pro carries a very good electronics, which unfortunately suffers from a totally inexplicable defect. We see it very clearly on the 20 W oscilloscope trace, the box sends during the first 224 milliseconds the maximum power. It does so regardless of the power setting. This impulse is short, but strong, and as much it will pass well with coil builds a little big by reducing the latency of the heating, as much it will not pass at all with a small MTL build.

This peak disappears with the soft and hard modes, which modify the steam power by +/- 15% during the first 300 mS of the puff. Do not hesitate to use one or the other with small builds, they will work much better than the normal mode and its excessive heat stroke.

Incredibly enough, the phenomenon is noticed even at 100 W, the maximum power of the box, although it is then insensitive when vaping. It is likely that Vaporesso will quickly propose an update to rectify this operation which has no more explanation than practical justification.

Especially since the box really doesn’t need this to improve the feeling of reactivity. Vaporesso announces 0.002 second latency between the trigger and power stabilization, I measured 0.00255 seconds exactly, which is remarkable. Vapor is immediate, no need to use any artifice at the start to give the illusion of immediate power.

In stainless steel temperature control, the box passes the dry cotton test without any problem and protects the assemblies very well in case of lack of liquid.

Vaping in temperature control, is as smooth and constant as it can be in power mode. It is precise and regular throughout the puff. Armour Pro offers remarkable temperature control, to be used without hesitation.

The Cascade Baby Tank is versatile

The Cascade Baby Tank clearomizer that comes with the Armour Pro in the kit is a classic subohm with two details.

The tank is opened by turning the top cap after lifting the upper part, which allows easy filling while avoiding unintentional openings in a pocket for example. The mechanism is robust and has no play, which is reassuring.

It can be dismantled, but the threads are reversed all over the tank, so it is necessary to act as if screwing to unscrew. This is unusual enough to surprise at first and logically think that the tank does not come apart, especially since the lower part, for changing the resistance, has threads in the usual direction.

As a result, you must also hold the tank well by its base when screwing the lower part of the clearomizer after a change of coil, otherwise you unscrew the Pyrex at the same time. In short, everything comes apart and if it doesn’t work in one direction, it will work in the other.

The coil heads are in mesh for the 70 W one and in single wire with a more restricted air flow for the 40 W one. The rendering of the flavours is largely one of the best in the category, and the 6 references available in the catalogue make it possible to find its vape style between 30 and 110 W, and are compatible with the resistances of Smok’s TFV8 Baby. The GT Cell 2 0,3 ohm of the kit has the particularity to use a ceramic wick.

In summary

We like

  • The design
  • Compactness
  • 21700 / 20700 / 18650
  • Its ergonomics and ease of use
  • The quality of the vape
  • The price

We don’t like

  • The readability of the screen in full sunlight
  • The useless and inexplicable heat stroke in power mode.

More pictures of the Armour Pro kit

Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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vaporesso-armour-pro-kit-reviewThe Armour Pro / Cascade Baby Tank kit is very well made, compact and ergonomic. It can use a 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery and has all the features in an intuitive interface. Vaping is very pleasant in direct inhalation, whether in power mode or in temperature control. Electronics, on the other hand, sends a pulse at the beginning of a puff which requires the use of soft or hard modes instead of the simple watt mode with small coils, especially for a MTL vape. Let's hope that an update will be available soon to correct this point, the only real defect of this kit that remains otherwise excellent.