Following the recent flavour bans announced by the FDA, e-liquid manufacturers naturally find themselves grappled with uncertainty. A press release by ECigIntelligence, the renowned independent data analysis resource for the tobacco-alternatives industry, is predicting how these businesses may cope.

E-liquid manufacturers have attributed over 60% of all e-liquid bottle sales to fruit and dessert flavours. This indicates the significant effect that the impending ban is expected to have on these businesses.

ECigIntelligence explained that smaller e-liquid manufacturers are expected to deal with this crises by increasing production. While larger businesses have been attempting to improve the situation by supporting pro-vape industry associations, in order to increase their influence on the regulatory situation.

FDA crackdown on e-liquid flavours

Smaller e-liquid manufacturers are expected to deal with this crises by increasing production, while larger businesses may try to impact the regulatory situation.
Last Summer, following the FDA and FTC crackdown on e-liquid flavours, 17 e-cig businesses had already stopped selling flavours that may be appealing to children, such as candy and dessert varieties.

“When companies market these products using imagery that misleads a child into thinking they’re things they’ve consumed before, like a juice box or candy, that can create an imminent risk of harm to a child who may confuse the product for something safe and familiar,” said Gottlieb at the time.

The repercussions of restricting flavours

On the other hand, while everyone is in agreement that e-liquid flavours should not be marketed in a way that entices teens to take on vaping, public health experts agree that banning them all together could be detrimental to adult smokers.

A recent large scale peer reviewed study published in the Harm Reduction Journal, indicated that restricting e-liquid flavours may discourage smokers from switching to the proven safer alternatives that could save their life.

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