Last January, Health Canada launched the first part of a multi-phase campaign targeting youth vaping, urging parents to start discussing vaping health risks with their kids.

“The vaping market is evolving rapidly, with the regular introduction of new products into Canada,” said spokesperson for Health Canada Maryse Durette on announcing the launch. “We are aware of both anecdotal information and unpublished research showing increases in the rate at which Canadian youth are trying and using vaping products.”

Banning ads where adolescents may see them

Subsequently, the health organization is proposing regulations which restrict e-cig advertising where youth might see it. This would equate to banning vape adverts at points of sale, online, public places like malls, billboards and public transit.

Adverts for vaping products would also not be allowed within 30 minutes of any television or radio show aimed at children or youth, and in any publications, including social media platforms, that are aimed at youth. Additionally where allowed, such ads would also have to include health warnings, whether the product contains nicotine or not.

Health Canada changes its stance on youth vaping

According to Health Canada, several provinces already have restrictions on vaping ads in place, however Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories do not.

“I am deeply concerned about recent reports that youth vaping is on the rise,” said health minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor in a press release. “We cannot allow these products to threaten the hard-earned gains we’ve made in tobacco control.”

Health Canada is taking public comments on the proposed regulations until March 22, 2019.

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