Via the lawsuit, the school district hopes to get some compensation for the purchase and installation costs of vape detectors.
The lawsuit accuses Juul of minimizing the health risks of its products in marketing campaigns in order to lure teens and strategizing to create a product that would generate profit by causing addiction. “It’s a lawsuit against JUUL labs and also the vaping product manufacturers,” said Evart Superintendent Shirley Howard as quoted by Pioneer.

“The lawsuit not only seeks monetary damages for costs schools have already incurred relating to vaping, but also funding for future vaping-related costs. We feel it will be beneficial and that it really can’t hurt us. If there’s a chance of recovering some costs, that’s always a benefit.”

Howard added she hopes that via the lawsuit, the school district may get some compensation for the purchase and installation costs of vape detectors. “We do have vaping detectors in all of our middle and high school bathrooms and that cost us around $47,000, so we may recoup the costs of that,” she said. “The reason we wanted the vaping detectors was because we wanted them for not just catching kids, but felt like putting in the detectors would make students stop and think about not doing it.”

FDA says Juul is to blame for teen vaping “epidemic”

The US FDA has certainly been adding fuel to fire against Juul. At a July 2021 hearing of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock was asked if Juul was “the e-cigarette company most responsible for creating this epidemic.” She answered that it does “appear” to be the case.

The subcommittee’s chairman, Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois, had opened the meeting by urging the FDA to deny approval for all vaping companies in the ongoing PMTA reviews. Juul is one of hundreds of manufacturers which has submitted their documents seeking approval.

Juul to Settle Another State Lawsuit, This Time With Washington 

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