Ultra flat


The Moti Pop is wide but extremely slim. At less than 15mm thick, it’s discreet enough to use in any situation. Its fun flavours are bang up-to-date and it makes great vapour.

Technical specs

Puff weight g
Charging Non-rechargeable
Battery 650 mAh
Tank capacity 2ml
Number of puffs 800

What’s in the box?

  • Puff
  • User guide

Unique design

The Moti Pop is one of a kind. It really stands out from the crowd with its flat shape and the small silicon tab in the base. It looks a lot like an ice lolly on a stick. But under that colourful, fun ultimately popsicle-like design, as its name suggests, like all vaping products it is exclusively intended for adult use.

The Moti Pop comes in individual, sealed plastic packaging inside a fully sealed cardboard box. The box shows the number of puffs (in this case, 800), the 2% nicotine level and the flavour, as well as the safety warnings.

The back of the box shows the size of the disposable, the battery capacity of 650 mAh, the 2ml e-liquid capacity and, for once, the vaping power of 8W. This power level means the Moti Pop is exclusively intended for indirect inhalation (mouth then lung, like a tobacco cigarette). This is a bonus when you’re switching from smoked tobacco to vaping, as the power level and a tight draw are ideal. At 8W, it produces a moderate vapour.

The silicone tab sticking out of the bottom of the Moti Pop has no real function. It just adds to the look of the disposable: an LED just above the tab lights up when you inhale and shines through the transparent tab. You can try holding your Pop by this tab, but it isn’t very comfortable because the tab’s a bit short.

The Moti Pop has no specific, protruding mouthpiece to put your lips around. Instead, a small hole acts as a drip tip. You inhale the vapour when you draw directly on the Moti Pop.
This makes it very easy to use, and there are no settings to adjust. Once the battery’s empty or the e-liquid has run out, you throw away the Moti Pop and buy a new one.

Vaping with the Moti Pop is great. The flavours are enjoyable and not too sweet. The tight draw will suit beginners looking for a similar sensation to smoking a tobacco cigarette. The Moti Pop offers a discreet vape and reasonable vapour, as you’d expect from a power of 8W. With its 650 mAh battery, you can almost get 800 puffs out of it. During our tests, we ran out of liquid before we ran out of battery.

With its fun, colourful design, the Moti Pop will make it fun for anyone to quit smoking.  It performs consistently well and works great.


In summary

 What we like

  • Design
  • Good flavours
  • Fun to use
  • Number of puffs consistent with battery life
  • Ultra flat

 What we don’t like

  • Tab is too short
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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review-moti-pop-motiThe Moti Pop is a good disposable. Its design makes it stand out from the crowd and it’s packed with originality. It produces high-quality flavours and the draw will suit beginners and those looking for a discreet vape. It's a good product that does its job perfectly.
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22 days ago

nice view. want to try this one.