The problematic area seems to be general convenience shops which close part of their shops to sell vaping products.
Loucas’s comments follow recent actions by Te Whatu Ora National Public Health Service, who in recent months has been monitoring 39 retailers in Canterbury, by conducting controlled purchases.

The group found that seven of the retailers failed to ask for identification, resulting in vapes being sold to a 16 year old. This is in breach of the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act 2020, which if breached three times, could result in offenders facing prosecution.

Last year the AVCA was amongst the local groups publicly calling for greater enforcement. “Retailers have had long enough to know right from wrong. I respect the Government’s initial focus is on educating retailers about the new law, but it’s now time to move onto enforcement.”

Specialist vape stores seem to be compliant

The group highlighted that the problematic area seems to be general convenience shops which close part of their shops to sell the products and that specialist vape stores seem to be compliant. “These supposed ‘vape stores’ at one end of dairies need greater oversight before they’re signed off and then greater enforcement. Overall, the regulations that came out of the 2020 vaping legislation are working well, but youth access remains a work in progress,” she said.

Earlier this year, the AVCA has reiterated that the education’ period for rogue dairy owners who sell vapes to minors ‘has long expired. “Dare I say, it’s mostly convenience stores that are getting infringement notices and fines. The other problem is too many of them have been allowed to partition off part of their shops to become Specialist Vape Retailers, enabling them to sell a full range of flavours. This matter needs greater oversight and re-assessment from the regulator because frankly they’re not specialists,” said Loucas.


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