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GFN 2019: “It’s Time to Talk About Nicotine”

The theme of last year’s GFN was “Rethinking Nicotine”, and the main goal of the conference was to examine changing patterns and methods of...

Australian Study Links Availability of E-Cigs to Public Health Gains

The study titled “Potential country-level health and cost impacts of legalizing domestic sale of vaporized nicotine products”, was published in Epidemiology, and aimed to...

Thailand: E-Cig Consumer Group Calls for E-Cig Ban Lift

A recent survey conducted at the annual Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) in Warsaw, ranked Thailand as the worst country in the world to...

Experts: Nicotine Should be Used to Help Smokers Quit

“Nicotine is not the problem. It is a very big part of the solution,” said Andy Morrison, a former smoker and trustee for the...

Thailand Ranked as Worst Country for Vapers

This year’s Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) has attracted 500 delegates from 60 countries. Members of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations in...

Thoughts On GFN

Over the last week I’ve been chatting about the event with some others who attended it, and I think I’ve identified the reasons why...

Hooked, Netted & Landed. A Smokers Story.

Early days: The run up to, and yes, the cause of the habit which has killed me. I am now sixty-eight years old. I want...

Altria urges FDA to ease on regulations

Professor Michael Siegel who lectures for the Department of Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, and possesses 25 years worth of...

Reduced-risk tobacco products: (Big) Tobacco heating systems

Cardiovascular diseases are the highest cause of deaths attributable to smoking and Dr Gilchrist points out that "the main issue is combustion of tobacco,...

Videos of GFN16 presentations in Warsaw are online

The organizers released videos of some oral presentations and debates. A unique opportunity to watch the talks of experts like Clive Bates or of scientists like...