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The Link Between Point-of-Sale Adverts and Youth Tobacco Use

The study titled, “Recall of Point-of-Sale Marketing Predicts Cigar and E-Cigarette Use Among Texas Youth”, was published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research...

US Cancer Research Association to Host Briefing on Youth Vaping

The briefing titled “E-cigarettes: Striking a Balance Between Preventing Youth Nicotine Addiction and Helping Current Smokers Quit Combustible Cigarettes,” will be held today on...

E-Cigarette use amongst young people “is mostly experimental”

Like many smokers, Dr Attila Danko, a medical doctor from Australia started smoking at the tender age of 11. Also like other smokers, he...

Vaping in Public Spaces Banned in Long Beach CA

Councilman Dee Andrews, who proposed the amendment last December, called this move a “good first step” towards protecting public health. “Young people are getting...