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New Mexico Survey: High School Students Are Vaping More And Smoking...

The New Mexico Department of Health 2019 Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, is a joint project between the Department of Health (DOH) and the...

Health Canada Survey Leads to Correction on Study Linking Vaping to Smoking

The study, “Prevalence of vaping and smoking among adolescents in Canada, England, and the United States: repeat national cross sectional surveys,” which was published...

Indian Study Looking Into Patterns of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Use

Last Summer, the Union Health Ministry had prepared the Prohibition of E-cigarettes Ordinance 2019 for review, and a bill replacing this ordinance was passed...

Australia: Vaping Amongst Teens Increases As Smoking Decreases

Conducted every three years for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the leading survey of licit and illicit drug use in Australia, asked...


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