An innovative coil system

The biggest innovation of this new Cleito stands in the coils. Don’t look for the chimney, it doesn’t exist here. The atomization chamber and the chimney have merged in a 4 cm-tube that runs from the airflow to the drip-tip. Inside the tube, Clapton coil of 0.2 or 0.4 Ohm is wrapped in organic wool. Aspire recommends to use the 0.4 Ohm between 40 and 60 W. The 0.2 Ohm coil requires 55 to 70 W.

The 4 airflows are huge. When they are wide open, they make up half of the circumference of the stainless steel base, over 2 cm. The drip-tip is very wide (1.2 cm) and seems like a diving snorkel.

Two kinds of resistances come with the Cleito atomizer
Two kinds of resistances come with the Cleito atomizer

The take is easy to fill up by the top. The opening between the pyrex tank and the coil allows to empty the vial directly into the tank. Beware to tightly screw the coil on its base otherwise it may come with the top cap when unscrewing it.

As often with the top-filling clearomizers do not forget to close the airflows when filling up the liquid otherwise it may flow out by the openings. The best is to close the airflows and to switch down the clearomize before opening them so that the air escapes and the pressure releases. Once the Cleito is filled up, Aspire recommends waiting for 15 minutes before use so that the liquid penetrates the wool.

Technical review

The main characteristics are:

  • A stainless steel clearomizer Cleito
  • A 0.4 Ohm Clapton coil to be used between 40 and 60 W
  • A 0.2 Ohm Clapton coil to be used between 55 and 70 W
  • A spare pyrex tube
  • A vape band
  • A delrin drip-tip
  • Four silicon fittings to put over the top-cap
  • Removable pyrex tanks
  • Tank capacity: 3.5 ml
  • Connexion 510
  • User manual in English
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Length: 57 mm, including the drip-tip.
  • Diameter: 22 mm

The vape is huge, extreme

Cleito Evic VTC Mini
The Cleito (Aspire) atomizer associated here with an Evic VTC Mini (Joyetech).

Vaping on this Cleito confirms the written notifications: the vape in subohm is impressive. With both coils, the clouds are huge but I couldn’t feel any significant difference between them.

The good point is the rendering of flavors. At 2 cm from the tank, some liquid may even spit out into your mouth, in some cases.

At 70 W, the maximum, the flavors are a bit fader and I really enjoyed vaping at 60 W, the power at which my juices had the best taste.

A little bonus, the Cleito is provided with silicon rings to protect the pyrex tank. It is clever but the choice of the colour, orange, is just strange. You also get 4 rubber cuffs (black, orange, red and blue) to cover the top cap. They prevent overheating and protect your lips in case of chain vaping. I never felt such overheating but the contact with silicon is smoother than with stainless steel.

View of all the Cleito's different parts
View of all the Cleito’s different parts

In consequence, the 3.5 ml tank drains very fast. Unless you’re very rich, it is recommended to turn to DIY. Indirect vaping is feasible with the 0.4 Ohm coil by allowing the air streaming through the airflows.

With the 0.2 Ohm coil, it is impossible, the vapor is too hot, and the Cleito is not suitable to that.

With subohm coils and such high power, it is best using dual-battery mods if you don’t want to get short.

For rebuildable addicts, not that Aspire is working on a RTA kit, to be released soon.

In summary

The “plus”:

  • Huge production of vapor
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • Simplicity of use
  • Good finish
  • Easy to fill up by the top
  • Compact
  • No leak
  • Attractive price

The “minus“:

  • Extreme vape, you like it or not
  • Huge liquid consumption
  • Small volume compare to the consumption
  • To be used only with mods over 40 W


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Value for money
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
Vape quality
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