Compact and single coil

Nowadays, the race to power and bigger clouds is what drives the vaping industry, offers for rebuildable atomizer in single coil configuration are scarce. Fortunately, the Serpent Mini (serpent is the French term for snake) is there and benefit from a very good reputation.
The atomizer comes into a carton box printed in grey like denim. Inside, the Serpent Mini is found with  a spare Pyrex tank, organic cotton wicks and three twisted Kanthal coils in 0.7 Ω. Also included are a few screws, spare O-rings and an allen key. Everything that is needed without extra.

Technical review

The main feature of the Serpent Mini by Wotofo are:

  • RTA Atomizer
  • Pyrex tank
  • Capacity: 3 ml
  • A simple coil mounting deck
  • 510 threaded (gold plated brass, adjustable with a peek insulator)
  • Stainless steel Drip-tip
  • A spare kit containing: 3 twisted Kanthal coils, 8 O-rings, 2 titanium cruciform screws and an Allen key
  • Material: Stainless Steel, PEEK and Pyrex
  • Height: 44.3 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 44 g

Beware with too thin wires

The Serpent Mini is a compact RTA in Stainless steel. With a classic diameter of 22 mm, it only measures 44.3 mm height with the drip-tip. Its capacity is therefore limited to 3 ml, and a negative point because it is rather greedy in juice.

By design, the Serpent Mini is still a bottom coil with a 2-plot RTA deck. Each plot has a 1 mm whole and an Allen screw to tighten the wire. Two issues are notices with this setting. Firstly, the wires too thin (<0.3 mm) will be too loose to make a good contact below the screw. It is worth trying to tighten the wire on the side: tricky but possible. Secondly, the Allen key included in the kit is of (very) bad quality and it is easy to damage the thread. It is worth using another one than that in the box.

The Serpent Mini possesses two large cyclopean airflow wholes of 1.5 mm by 10 mm. The ring slides well and fits firmly. The opening can be adjusted from wide open for a very aerial vape down to three quarter shut for a tight vape. Its gold plated pin offers a better conductivity.

The drip-tip is made of Stainless steel, large and securized by two O-rings. The lips are U-shaped instead of solid, which contributes to thermal insulation. The vapers who vape tightly will be disappointed by this drip-tip that is shaped for aerial vaping. Its diameter at the mouth is almost 10 mm for only 5 mm at the base, which is some kind of hybrid. Short and close to the coil, it heats pretty much when airflow wholes are reduced. In this case, to be safe, it is worth using a Delrin drip-tip with a thiner shape.

The top filling system is very easy. You only have to unscrew the top cap and to fill the atomizer by one of the two large openings around the chimney. But of course not into it!

In test with the 0.7 Ω twisted Kanthal coil, I felt it good at 23 W. The Serpent Mini offers a vaping quality close to a simple coil dripper. With an airflow wide open the density of vapor is satisfying. The drip-tip, located close to the coil allows a very good rendering of flavors. In addition, the Serpent Mini does not leak or seep and I had not issue with dry hit. It is worth cutting the cotton wicks very short and not to touch the bottom of the rims to avoid dry hits. In revenge, the atomiser is greedy with juice and its worth knowing it before investing into this model.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Excellent rendering of flavors
  • Satisfying volume of vapor
  • Easy to build
  • Top-filling
  • Good price
  • No leakage, no seepage

The “-“:

  • Limited tank capacity
  • Huge liquid consumption
  • Drip-tip too short and too wide
  • Bad quality of tools
  • Thin wires difficult to securize in the Deck plots


Rating 4.6/5. Wotofo did a good job. This Serpent Mini is easyt to use and makes vaping a pleasure with efficiency and quality. Even if dedicated to aerial DL vaping with big wires, MTL vapers will also find their happiness. But imperfections remain among which a huge consumption of juice combined to a tank capacity limited to 3 ml.


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Value for money
Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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