With coil resistances lower than 1 Ω, vapers can experience Direct Lung (DL) inhalation, also called DL Hit. It consists in inhaling the large quantity of vapor produced by the single, dual or even triple coil atomizers and more powerful devices (up to 200 W) and in exhaling big clouds of vapor. The clouds blowed by DL vapers are a pretext to try what the specialists call vape tricks, like rings, vortices, O’s and other tornados…

Formerly reserved to the underground vaping culture, vape tricks now come to daylight, and trickers are popularized though social media or during vape meets and other events. Their discipline is half way between sport and art. Trickers get sponsorized by e-juice brands and participate in contests. Cloud chasing, the art of doing big clouds, is also the object of competitions.

Do you blow O’s?

As opposed to the more traditional Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping style, an unexpected outcome of the increasing popularity of DL inhalation is the lowering of the nicotine strength of the e-liquids used for tricks. The vendors notice that customers who invest in subohm mods also purchase more liquid but at a lower strength.

From the 20 mg/ml maximum allowed in Europe (36 mg/ml in the USA) and generally used by beginners, the average nicotine strength decreases to around 12 mg/ml for experienced vapers with third generation mods. For trickers, it is not uncommon to see nicotine strengths used as low as 3 mg/ml and down to zero.

Less choices in stores

The drawbacks are that some brands that specialize in those types of e-juices decrease the offer of nicotine strengths they propose, aided by the burdensome procedures and non negligible fees for each flavor and strength in their range. The most penalized are the vapers who do not share the keen interest of chasers and trickers.


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