“People smoke for the nicotine but they die from the tar –  it’s the burning of tobacco leaf that generates toxic chemicals that causes most of the harm”Dr Michael Keane

This is the message Dr Michael Keane from the Swinburne University in Melbourne broadcasted on 3AW radio to incite the government to move on legalizing nicotine e-liquids and e-cigarette use across the country.

In his message, the anaesthetist and adjunct associate professor confirms that nicotine is not particularly harmful. He sees no reason why nicotine should not be legalized in the form of an e-liquid to be vaporized by an e-cigarette, a product only 5% as harmful as the combustible cigarette that is freely accessible to adults, everywhere.

To him, “smokers should be encouraged to use them, in an attempt to get off cigarettes”. He also recalls that submissions from the public health lobby in support of the e-cigarettes are rolling in. But purchasing nicotine juices remains illegal in Australia and, to get it, vapers have to resort to black market.


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