Beautiful finish, compact design

The eVic Basic is a Mini box with a variable wattage up to 40 W (60 W with the last update) and a 1500 mAh built-in battery. Joyetech declines its jewel in seven different colors. We received in test the brushed steel model that enjoyed everyone around. Nothing moves, nothing jingles, it looks robust, small but robust.

The box weights 105 g for only 7.5 cm height and 22 mm width, which makes it compatible, thanks to its 510 pin mounted on spring, with most of the atomizers available on the marketplace

On the front, one finds a rectangular Fire switch in plastic, the OLED screen and the micro-USB plug to charge the battery and update its firmware.

Selection buttons are located under the box. A discrete solution found by by Joyetech but, in fact, not really usable. It is impossible to reach them with the hand that holds the box. The operation is complicated by the fact the buttons are embedded.

Technical features of the eVic Basic by Joyetech:

  • Dimensions: 75x22x37 mm
  • Weight: 105 g
  • Built-in battery: 1,500 mAh
  • Variable wattage: 1 – 40 W
  • Temperature control: 100 – 315°C
  • Range of resistance: 0.05 – 1.5 Ω in VT/TCR; 0.1 – 3.5 Ω in VW and Bypass
  • Vaping Modes: Temperature control (Ni/Ti/SS316L /VW/TCR/Bypass)
  • Threaded 510
  • OLED Screen
  • Micro-USB charge
  • Material: Aluminium, plastic
  • Colors: Stainless steel, Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue and White

Technical characteristics of the Cubis Pro Mini by Joyetech:

  • Tank capacity: 2 ml
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Height: 46.7 mm, drip-tip included
  • Weight: 37 g
  • Material: Stainless steel, Pyrex and Delrin

The kit eVic Basic includes:

  • A box: eVic Basic
  • An atomizer: Cubis Pro Mini
  • A resistance coil BF SS316L 0.5 Ω (DL inhalation)
  • A resistance coil LVC Clapton Kanthal 1.5 Ω (MTL vaping)
  • A USB cable
  • A user manual
  • A warranty card

Joyetech’s chipset, always on top

Inside the box is the heart of the system, Joyetech’s chipset that equips all the eVic series. It is one of the most powerful on the market. It allows vaping over five modes: Wattage, bypass, temperature control in Ni, Ti and SS316L, and TCR that allows entering 3 temperature coefficients to include all types of resistive wires, except kanthal that is not compliant with this function. The chipset also offers the RTC mode (Real Time Clock) that offers a clock display on the OLED screen.

The eVic Basic comes with the firmware version 4.02. From September 17, 2016, the updated version 4.14 includes a “preheat” mode that allows in wattage, to pre-heat the resistance coil at a higher power during a limited period of time. It is very useful if you are using coils like Clapton or Fused Clapton with a slow ramp up time. To access this functionality, press the Fire and “+” for a few seconds then press “+” until “Preheat” is displayed on the screen: then you can choose the power and the duration.

The Cubis Pro Mini, not convincing

The Cubis Pro Mini is the clearomizer included in the kit? Its Pyrex tank only contains 2 ml. It possesses a double airflow system with five windows under the top cap to prevent any leakage. Very versatile, it allows vaping styles from very tight (MTL) to fully aerial (DL).

The drip-tip in 510 is of an average diameter that will comply with both vaping styles. Inside, its Delrin coating is efficient at insulating the mouthpiece.

The pack includes two resistance coils. One is a Stainless steel 0.5 Ω BF SS316L for DL inhalation. Joyetech recommends using it between 15 and 30 W. The other one is a Clapton Kanthal LVC 1.5 Ω for MTL vaping to be used only in “wattage” between 8 and 20 W.

Changing the coil is easy, it only requires you to screw it on the top cap before use. Filling is by the top. The juice needs to be added directly into the tank but Joyetech omitted to carve a marker to avoid over filling it. Do not put too much juice, never forget that you will have to screw the top cap, after. I used to fill it up to the top of the tank window. For the first use, wait for five minutes, until the cotton is perfectly soaked.

The Clapton LVC coil is pretty efficient. The rendering of flavors and the volume of vapor are very good. The only requirement is to ensure that the liquid inlet hole is open before you start vaping. The BF SS316L in 0.5 Ω is not as easy-going. In wattage, the coil spits out liquid drops, especially just after filling. I recommend using it in temperature control mode, where the phenomenon completely disappears.

Liquid absorption is efficient and the risk of dry hit is limited, even with a 70% VG juice and the Clapton LVC 1.5 Ω. With higher VG concentrations, it may be okay provided that you avoid chain vaping. The BF SS316L is less subtle and allows more flexibility.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Ultra-mini design
  • Very good finish
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent chipset
  • Large and readable OLED screen
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • No leakage
  • Good volume of vapor
  • Top filling system

The “-“:

  • Spit out of juice with BF SS316L
  • Setting buttons hard to operate with the eVic Basic
  • Only 2 ml of capacity
  • Low autonomy because of its power


Rating of 3.8/5. With this kit eVic Basic, Joyetech proposes again an ultra-compact and well-finished solution with its new box. The eVic Basic is one of the best in its category. The rating lost a few points because of the Cubis Pro Mini that leaves the tester wishing for something that doesn’t come, especially with the BF SS316L that spits out liquid. Vapers looking for an ultra compact kit can get the eVic Basic without the Cubis Pro Mini and purchase a more efficient one. When used in MTL with the Clapton coil LVC, you can buy it with eyes closed.

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