Trump’s America has no room for Dr. Vivek Murthy

According to USA Today, “The White House administration on Friday dismissed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, saying it is continuing the process of transitioning to new leadership. The article goes onto report, “Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, who is the current Deputy Surgeon General, will serve as the acting Surgeon General and assume leadership of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

The Ways We Choose to Act Determines What We Attract

Things aren’t what they seem to be and we always learn the hard way. Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve. It appears the U.S. Surgeon General may have been using his negative portrayal of vapor products in order to save his job.

Apparently, message of opposing sensible dialogue about Vapor Products most likely an attempt to conform with the rest of the Anti-Vapor conspiracy theorists. So, for all others affiliated with this anti-Vaping position of falsehood, beware of Karma. You can not control everyone, so please stop trying.

In a matter of months since first coming out with his highly criticized opinion about the risks of Vapor Products – Dr. Vivek Murthy has been literally taken down a notch, he has been shown what his colleagues really think of him, he was given a clear message from the Trump Administration explaining that his time served as U.S. Surgeon General has ended.

Furthermore, generally speaking, when receiving a message of this nature from Donald Trump it will most likely come in the form of screaming “You’re Fired!” An action taken by the president that is guaranteed to receive no pushback from vape advocates and allow the Vaping community to feel this situation is another opportunity – specifically, another victory or vapor just in the past few weeks.

Proving that perhaps Trump is making some good changes to the American system of government. Maybe now, this could help provide further transparency as to which direction this change will guide us. Then again, let us not get ahead of ourselves. After all, the U.S. might as well stand for “Unpredictable Shenanigans!”

Reality will Always Come Knocking (knock on wood)

Dr. Vivek Murthy, earned a reality check since reality was something he chose to defy. Perhaps his lost job as Surgeon General can serve as feedback from his irresponsible behavior as the leading public health official in all of America.

Murphy gained some popularity this past December for releasing a heavily worded report voicing his concerns on the underage use of vapor products followed up this obnoxious anti-vape campaign.

Both of these attempts were nothing but a waste of printing paper and taxpayer money. His overzealous and most likely, too expensive of an attempt at organizing a campaign in the name of protecting the children was merely a reflection of political jargon – highly sensitive, yet validated and perhaps petty political strategy of using “the children” as a piece of propaganda is not always the most effective approach to make a point better-understood.

Of course, we must protect the children. However, I believe it was Rudy Roo who once mentioned, “protect the children by protecting their parents.” This is an entirely logical suggestion since we must also make certain that parents stay healthy enough in order to raise children properly. Therefore, to oppose Vaping is to promote smoking. To not have the mentality to see a difference between the two, then there is clearly a lack of vision for seeing further into how the future could be what we shape it to be and the deeper into how we collectively perceive reality.

Revisiting Previous Vaping Post Reports on this Situation

A Vaping Post story included “Nearly 6.5 million young people – about one in four middle- and high-school students in the United states – report being exposed to secondhand aerosol or “vape” from e-cigarettes in the past month,” reads the article whilst quoting the Surgeon General’s report. The latter seemed completely focused on grossly inflated risks to children and teenagers, while the actual evidence shows the overwhelming majority of US vapers are adults, and almost all are current or former smokers.

Upon release of Murthy’s initial report, Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University demanded that Dr. Vivek Murthy apologize to the American people for misleading the public. Dr. Michael Siegel added, “Even if the Surgeon General wrongly believes that consuming any product that contains nicotine is a form of tobacco use, then he is still lying to the public. Under that definition, e-cigarettes are not the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth. Potatoes are.” 

In one article, Vaping Post reports on a statement Nicopure released serving as a response to Dr. Murthy’s report. It is worth the re-read if this is something readers have seen, if not, it is strongly insisted to learn what exactly Nicopure had released as a statement.

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