Some very Positive News about Vapor in the U.S.

The Vaping Post is always here to cover the most up-to-date coverage on the most important stories relevant to the vapor-sphere. So just what have we covered that could be accepted as optimistic news stories?

Nevertheless, change is lingering, what changes lingering could be bringing? What has happened thus far?

Newly Appointed FDA Commissioner

Regardless, after the U.S. vape community has endured nothing but defeat, marginalization, demonization along with negative news coverage on a constant basis. Nevertheless, one of the very first feel-good stories for the vaping community involved a newly appointed FDA Commissioner – who coincidentally served on the board of a vaping business, known as Kure.

The Fact that the FDA has been given new leadership would be a positive outcome no matter what the case. But in this case, the new leadership is someone who believes in harm reduction and clearly recognizes vapor as such. This is without a doubt, a huge “positive” in which many would consider it a victory for vapers – shedding some much needed bright light on just how ridiculous and outdated the issue of installing prohibition against vapor truly is.

The State of New York Removes all of the Vapor Language from their Annual Budget

The state of New York had some very harsh regulatory demands proposed by the Governor’s office for the annual state budget. For instance, the proposal included a stipulation that any person who had more than 120 milliliters of e-liquid in their possession could be subject to a fine – essentially making it illegal to carry more than two 60 milliliter bottles of Premium E-liquid on your person. Anyone regularly using vapor products knows that this is certainly an absurd notion, given the fact that most vapers do indeed carry more than 120ml with them quite often.

Luckily the state of New York has some very dedicated, compassionate and logical advocates fighting such outrageous legislation. Given this, the New York State Vaper Association (NYSVA) went straight to Albany, New York and brought a lobbyist with them to the capital in order to provide a negotiation approach while also providing testimonials for the state’s legislature to absorb and reflect on

All of the unnecessary vapor language was subsequently removed from the annual budget proposal and this revised budget was eventually passed without any vaping regulation attached. Truly inspiring dedication by these NY advocates and the entire industry should be thanking these brave supporters of vapor products.

Similar Budget Scenario in the State of Ohio

The State of Ohio Budget Proposal includes a 69% tax hike on vapor products. This proposal would absolutely eliminate the industry within the state of Ohio, as many should understand by now there is an independent small business sector to the industry and then there is the Big Tobacco sector of the Vape Industry.

Ohio has nearly 800 vape shops employing close to 5,000 state residents. Furthermore, the Ohio Vapor Trade Association (OHVTA) with the assistance of their lobbyist and VTA as well as many other supporters were able to convince the House that this tax hike is unrealistic. Thus, before the House passed the budget, they removed all vapor language entirely from the original proposal made by the Governor’s office. Now that this budget has been passed by the house, next up is this newly revised budget stopping by the State Senate, where it would also need to pass through.

Regardless, it is safe to say that advocating to eliminate tax hike proposals, especially with such excessive taxation requirements, could absolutely be considered as a victory for the entire vapor industry. Although this battle was won, the war is still raging onward. Perhaps advocates nationwide could help the OHVTA take on this battle, as it is not yet over – visit to learn how you be of assistance.

Rest Assured

This is only half of the examples concerning possible victories in vapor that we have covered here at Vaping Post. There will be a second version, a follow-up on all the victories we’ve witnessed, no matter how small or how large they may seem. At this juncture, we’ll have to accept everything that has a possibility of creating some positivity.

To be continued…

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