PMI’s iQOS was launched in South Korea last May, and in Japan in April 2016. In Japan the product was immediately sold out, with the President of Philip Morris Japan, Paul Riley, saying that they could not keep up with the demand.

Glo will be cheaper than iQOS, while the latter sells at 120,000 won, Glo is priced at 90,000 won.
In Korea it did even better. “Korea has benefited from the product awareness generated by Japan, so it has been a faster start than Japan and I hope it will continue that way,” said Calantzopoulos. “They are [both] countries which are open to innovation and trying new products, and have a culture of considering people around them.” Glo has also been launched in several places in Japan including Sendai, Tokyo, Miyagi and Osaka.

Glo and iQOS, are battery operated smokeless alternatives to combustible cigarettes and work by heating sticks containing tobacco leaves. These refills which look like short cigarettes, must be inserted into the devices and are heated up once the devices are turned on.

Glo’s selling points

One of Glo’s selling points is expected to be its competitive price. While the IQOS device sells at 120,000 won, Glo is priced at 90,000 won. “We have three wins in next generation products. More choice, more innovation, less harm,” said Roberta Palazzetti, the area director for BAT North Asia.

“We have three wins in next generation products. More choice, more innovation, less harm.” Roberta Palazzetti, Area Director, BAT North Asia

Additionally the device is marketed as simpler and more practical to use than iQOS. Rather than consisting of a separate cigarette holder that is inserted into the charger after smoking each stick, Glo consists of just one device that can power more than twenty sticks with a full charge.

“It’s one touch, one button. It’s got a very easy-to-understand user interface. It’s easy to clean. Lastly, it’s very easy to carry,” said Hamish Norrie, the marketing director of BAT Korea.

More info : The Korea Herald

PMI CEO talks about phasing out cigarettes in Japan & S. Korea

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Henny Savenije
Henny Savenije
4 years ago

Actually I bought both to compare. I smoke menthol which I use for both. I just wanted to know which o e was better. Granted a lot of money and I even couldn’t use the discount system in Korea.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Glo looks a bit bulky and the cigarettes are a bit too strong for my taste but it always works. Iqos looks more sophisticated The cigarettes taste more like normal cigarettes but in the first package I bought there were several cigarettes rolled too tight so I couldn’t insert them into the device.

Both glo and iqos are packed nicely over the counter.

Which has my preference? I don’t know yet