The temporary ban will be in place for six months from Oct. 22nd to Feb. 19th, while officials are still investigating the exact cause of the infamous “vaping-related” deaths and lung illnesses. To date, at least 18 people have died tragically and over 1,000 people have been hospitalized.

The cases of lung disease have been linked to the consumption of illicit THC products, but authorities are picking on flavours,

“Young Montanans are using e-cigarettes at an alarming rate, while officials investigate the possible causes of a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related injury and death, leaving us at a crossroads,” said Governor Bullock. “Today, I choose action.”

“Protecting the health, safety and well-being of all Montanans – especially our kids – is one of my top priorities as governor, and I join the other parents across this state knowing we cannot rest until we do everything we can to keep our kids safe,” continued the Governor. “This is the right thing to do during the outbreak of these illnesses and deaths and it’s the right thing to do for the future leaders of our state.”

Spreading Flavour Bans

Meanwhile, other states are considering or implementing similar bans. Washington, New York, Michigan, Rhode Island and Oregon, have announced temporary bans on flavoured vaping products, while Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, wants to set in place a four month ban on the sales of all vaping devices.

Additionally, Utah has passed emergency regulations limiting where e-cigarettes can be sold, and California’s governor has issued an executive order to increase public awareness and develop warning labels.

Last month, the Trump administration also announced that it would be banning flavours, but no further details to this effect have been released.

On the other hand, public health experts remain baffled by these bans. The cases of lung disease have been linked to the consumption of illicit products, mainly ones containing THC, therefore why authorities are still picking on flavours remains a mystery.

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