Juul is asking for a blanket order that would ban the imports of any fake illicit cartridges bearing its name. The manufacturer is aggressively trying to halt what it is referring to as a “seemingly endless stream” of black market cartridges for its e-cigarettes, as part of an effort to eliminate the unregulated and possibly dangerous products, that would add to Juul’s already tainted reputation.

“This new ITC action, if successful, would provide the additional public benefit of helping rid the market of unauthorized Juul-compatible products that can be modified by the user, such as empty and refillable pods, or those containing substances such as THC for which the Juul system was not designed,” Juul said in a statement.

Efforts to regain credibility

Juul Chief Executive Officer K.C. Crosthwaite has pledged to do his utmost to repair the image of the company.
Being at the receiving end of incessant scrutiny, Juul has been doing its utmost to convince the FDA and general public that it is committed to prevent teen vaping. In fact Juul Chief Executive Officer K.C. Crosthwaite has pledged to do his utmost to repair the image of the company, which in recent months has itself been at the receiving end of multiple lawsuits.

In line with this, last Summer Juul announced a new device that can help monitor users by collecting information about the user such as when and where they vape. The new Juul would even be able to utilize a facial recognition feature to keep it out of the hands of children. Additionally, the manufacturer has halted the sales of its flavoured nicotine pods.

Donations to politicians

Moreover, in what is probably being considered the most desperate attempt to win US authorities’ favour, filings with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission, indicate a $7,500 donation from Juul Labs to General Majority, a Sweeney-tied super PAC, dated Jan. 24th, less than two weeks after the Senate and Assembly passed a bill supported by Sweeney, NJ A5922 (18R), that could have banned Juul’s products.

Filings with the Internal Revenue service, also indicate that Juul donated $50,350 to the Democratic Governors Association in August and September 2019, and again almost the same amount to the Republican Governors Association a few months later.

With regards to the General Majority donation, Juul said that this was effected in response to an invitation to a fundraising event for the super PAC. The donation appears to be the only state-level contribution Juul made in New Jersey.

“At JUUL Labs, our philosophy is to support people and organizations to combat underage use and convert adult smokers from combustible cigarettes, including state political committees on a bipartisan basis around the country,” said company spokesperson Austin Finan in a statement. “We remain focused on resetting the vapor category in the U.S. and earning the trust of society by working cooperatively with lawmakers, attorneys general, regulators, public health officials, and other stakeholders to achieve those goals.”

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