A result that meets all expectations

In December 2014, I discovered the first Taifun, the GTII. In March 2016, it was the GTII Air, a 2.0 version with a revisited airflow system, more aerial. These two legends are still part of my preferred “all day” ones besides the Flash e-Vapor. For the night, I prefer dual coil ones like the Corona by SteamPipes and the X[dream] de Stattqualm.

Taifun remains among my preferred brands even if the GTII sometimes needs to be tightened along using time. This little imperfection makes me rather switch to the Flash e-Vapor that has never leaked over more than one year of intense sollicitation. Now, Taifun comes with the GTIII and an innovation that makes it more adjustable from the outside. Let’s have a look.

I’ve been waiting for this model for a long long time and the result meets my expectations. This atomizer is one of the best on the marketplace, one of the most successful in the rendering of flavors and the modulation of vaping. Taifun GTIII is easier to mount, it possesses an airflow system with a perfect control from the tightest to the most aerial vaping style.

Taifun GTIII is not cheap, that’s true. But its manufacturing quality guaranties years of intense vaping. After inadvertently breaking the tank, I could replace it easily thanks to the efficient customer service of the brand. An aspect that counts a lot when the investment is consequent.

How could Taifun succeed in this technical challenge: to improve the atomizer without altering pre-existing assets?

The Taifun GTIII is a really brand new atomizer compared to the GTII Air that was just a more aerial version of the GTII. The re-thinking the brand has made around the mounting deck, the airflow system, the re-fill system and the drip-tip is impressive. The bell, whose positioning was a bit approximative on the GTII, has been changed for a better system.

Technical review

The main features of the Taifun GTIII are:

  • Length (with drip-tip): 68 mm
  • Length (without drip-tip): 56.5 mm (5 mm smaller than GTII)
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Weight: 83 g (16 g lighter than GTII)
  • Threaded 510
  • Drip-tip : type 510 in stainless steel
  • Capacity: 5 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel, bright finish
  • Tank: Pyrex/Stainless steel
  • Resistance: single coil
  • Adjustable Airflow: 2×5 holes in mirror + 1 smaller
  • Optional Airflow reducer: 2 mm
  • 2 spare kits (9 O-rings and 2 gaskets for the couppling of the central air column)
  • Authenticity card
  • Aluminium box

Innovation everywhere

Taifun GTIII adopts the visual codes of its predecessors, easily identifiable with its beveled windows. Larger than on the GTII, they facilitate the visualization of the level in the tank. Everything is well designed, well manufactured from the threads to the stainless steel housing of the Pyrex tank.

The airflow ring’s design is recalled at the top of the tank, combining grip and refinement in this top-filling atomizer. The wide windows also permit viewing the four liquid inlets. It’s time to recall that you should never forget to close the liquid inlets with the drip-tip before filling the tank. This constitutes a little imperfection that is balanced by the much easier operation when filling up the tank, compared to the former models.

Let’s keep our attention on the drip-tip that has become essential in the use of the GTIII. The drip-tip has two teeth that come in contact with the central tube and the bell. This setting is not without recalling the Vapor Giant but in a easier way. By rotating the drip-tip, you also rotate the bell that will lock the four liquid inlets. It’s smart and useful for refilling. This system is just a bit easier than StattQualm’s Xdream one. The juice control also avoid the supply of too much liquid when vaping very tight.

What about your favourite drip-tip? The distal diameter allows adjusting your preferred one into that of the GTIII. Everything has been thought, with Taifun! Almost everything. The choice of matted pyrex for the tank is debatable: The opacity prevents from visualizing correctly the tips of the wick and also the position of the bell and the position of the “juice control” system.

Nevertheless, the overall remains Taifun, meaning a very good manufacturing quality a beautiful finish that fully justify the elevated price of this jewell.

Inside is a mini atomization chamber

The mounting deck is easily accessible, no need to unhook the chamber that remains attached to the central column. You have to unscrew the tank to access the deck. The central column may stay on the deck, in this case you can switch the o-rings to stronger ones (included) so that the column stays with the tank. This is important if the tank in full and you want to reach the deck.

The deck possess to gutters in which the cotton wick is dipping. The mounting is easy and the tips just have to soak in the two gutters. Not too long, not too short. Very simple, in fact, much more simple than the GTII model.

The two screws used to tighten the coil are in line with the deck so that you just have to position the coil and screw to lock it. It gained in simplicity compared to the former version and the position of the coil is ideal, just above the airflow hole. Take care not to stick the coil on the airflow hole, this would drastically reduce the airflow. I happened to me once, when screwing the coil, I pushed a bit too much on it to keep it in place.

Placing the cotton has been optimized from the last GTII. Insert it inside the coil, leave 10 to 15 mm on each side and let them dip into the gutters. It becomes as easy as the Flash e-Vapor.

A warning: With the GTIII I used a coil of 3.0 mm instead of the 2.5 mm with the GTII. With a larger diameter you can use a thicker cotton wick that better fits into the gutters.

Now the airflow system by itself is a success. It is highly versatile and adapts to any type of vaping style. Taifun has been clever enough to select a very narrow airflow hole that creates the vaping sensation of the first generations of GTs for tight vaping lovers.

For those who prefer more aerial sensations, for DL inhalation, 10 holes can be open but it makes vaping noisy. With only two holes, it remains quiet and does not whistles at all. You will certainly notice that the central air column is of a large diameter but it is possible to find at a good price a reducer to come back to the 2 mm of the first models.

The Taifun GTIII, a priori a mono coil system, does not require much air through the airflows. I am vaping at 12.5 W with a 0.5 or 0.7 Ω kanthal resistive coil of 0.40 mm and the airflow system open on position 2 and it is far enough. This setting is optimal to me and offers coil reactivity while perfectly rendering flavors. In turn, vapers who will use it wide open will hear more noise.

Top-filling, no leakage and an easier maintenance

The GTIII is a top-filling system that does not require unscrewing the atomizer from the box/mod. You will nevertheless have to remind to shut off the juice control system by turning the drip-tip by a quarter turn.

After that, you can first remove the drip tip and then the top cap. Without removing the drip-tip you may inadvertently re-open the juice control when unscrewing the top cap. Be very careful at the beginning.

The mounting deck is completely and easily demountable. The mechanism is complex and attests of the engineering efforts made on this new model. All the parts can then be cleaned during the maintenance, which is very important for the security.

Single coil vaping that can adapt to your needs

I was a bit upset by the consequences on the rendering of flavors of the larger diameter of the central air column. But I realized that the atomization chamber, finally very small, is coupled to a large airflow which makes the vaping sensations similar to the former models.

Adapting the liquid supply, “juice control”, with the drip-tip is necessary and prevents liquid from leaking out off the airflow holes.

By vaping around 12 to 15 W, I don’t really need large supply of liquid. When I first tried the Taifun GTIII, I opened the 2×2 liquid inlets and it has been an error! A 2 mm opening is largely enough to soak the coil in my conditions of use. Checking the position of the “juice control” is a prerequisite if you don’t want your GTIII seeps liquid all around. It should be state somewhere in the user manual or on the packaging.

The system also adapts to the different vaping styles. For those who like low resistance coils, they can choose to increase the supply of liquid. Remember to also adapt the air supply through the airflow since they are tightly linked.

Imagine that I decide to do dense clouds: I just have to open the airflow system, to open the juice control and my GTIII turns into a steam engine.

Finally everything has changed, except the essence of vaping that will, hopefully, be perpetuated by Taifun.

In Summary

The “+”:

  • Mounting of the coil and of the cotton simple and accessible to anyone
  • Versatile airflow system
  • Easy access to the coil for maintenance or visual check
  • Top filling of the tank for a capacity of 5 ml
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • Multiple use for a wide spectrum of vaping style
  • Good finish, good quality of assembly and of materials
  • New drip-tip that operates the “juice control” system
  • Maintenance made much more simple with a 100% demountable system.

The “-“:

  • “Juice control” setting very sensitive
  • Limited view on the “juice control” position through the opaque glass
  • Drip-tip too short but allows a second one with the opening threaded in 510
  • Genuine drip-tip too wide
  • Central air column’s o-rings to check
  • No spare screws in the pack
  • Classical design but not outdated
  • Airflow system noisy when open wide


Rating of 5/5: This is a good news fo this new model that changes everything except its essence. Vaping remains of quality with dense vapor and a good accessibility to anyone. It however requires a basic knowledge of the correlation between coil/air/liquid since here, in addition to the airflow, the supply of liquid can also be adjusted. It is a good investment for years and, finally not that expensive compared to the longevity of the product and the price of the coils sold by Chinese manufacturers. Do not hesitate to choose this GTIII is you vape “classic”. This is my second 5/5 in 4 years of review and the former one was the Flash e-Vapor.

Value for money
Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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taifun-gtiiiThis is a good news fo this new model that changes everything except its essence. A good investment for years and, finally not that expensive compared to the longevity of the brand. Do not hesitate to choose this GTIII is you vape "classic".