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The iJust One by Eleaf is an all-in-one kit, which means that the tank is included in the battery part. The latter has an autonomy of 1100 mAh with a maximum power of 50 W. Very light (84g), this e-cigarette is also very short (10.3 mm) for 2.2 cm in diameter.

The package includes two resistance coils, EC Head in 0.3 Ω for direct lung inhalation between 30 and 80 W, and a GS Air in 0.75 Ω for mouth-to-lung vaping. The GS Air is simply screwed in the metal adaptor EC Sleeve. It is an excellent idea that allows using the resistances GS Air and GS Air dual coil by Eleaf. Except for that in 0.75 W included in the kit, it is possible to find higher resistances in Eleaf’s catalogue to better fit the needs of new vapers: 1.2 Ω (to be used between 8 and 30 W) or 1.5 (8 – 20 W). iJust One also accepts EC resistances, EC Notchcoil and ECML for an exceptional versatility of vaping styles.

Extreme ease of use

The stainless stell drip-tip is secured by two O-rings. It is thin (8 mm in diameter) and well adapted. Air supply is ensured by holes located on each side of the body and are not adjustable.

To switch on iJust One requires 5 clics on the power switch and switches off the same way. The power switch also indicates the charge level with a LED: a fixed signal indicates that the charge is at least 60%, when it blinks slowly, the charge falls between 30% and 50%, and faster the remaining charge is under 30%. Finally, when the LED flashes rapidly the 10% remaining charge level is reached and the device should be plugged in.

Technical review

The main features of Eleaf’s iJust One:

  • Height: 103 mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Weight: 81 g
  • Materials: Aluminium, Stainless steel and  Pyrex (tank)
  • Tank capacity: 2 ml
  • Top filling
  • Maximum power: 50 W
  • Built-in battery: 1100 mAh
  • Vaping style: MTL or DL
  • Resistance range: 0.15 – 3.0 Ω
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Passthrough function (to vape while charging)
  • Colors: White, Silver, Black, Grey, Red and Blue

The pack includes:

  • 1x iJust One
  • 2x resistances: EC Head 0.3 Ω and GS Air 0.75 Ω
  • 1x Resistance adaptor EC Melo/Atlantis
  • 1x spare tank
  • 2x silicone O-rings
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x user manual and warnings

Seepages are possible

At use, iJust One is pleasant because of its compact size and lightness. The finish is good and my sole regrets are a light rattling of the power switch that is also not agreeable to operate because of its bulging edges. The Pyrex tank can also be hard to remove when inserted completely. The resistances are screwed onto the battery. Take the precaution to clean up the tank from any e-liquid remains to avoid seepages through the airflow holes.

To refill, it is important to screw the resistance completely in order to avoid leakage through the airflow holes. One can just regret the absence of a lip on the edge of the tank to fill it completely without leakage.

Better in MTL vaping than in DL inhalation

With its resistance EC Head in 0.3 Ω, the iJust One targets direct lung (DL) vapers. The resistance coil is efficient and well designed, the vapor is dense, warm and particularly tasty. By chaining puffs, the top cap becomes hot very quickly but the drip-tip, insulated with Delrin, remains warm. The autonomy is not exceptional with only 1100 mAh, and it is worth buying a second device if you want to vape all day long. The 2 ml tank capacity is also limited with the 0.3 Ω resistance, do not forget your juice bottle.

In 0.75 Ωn the air inlets of the GS Air are much narrower, vaping is smoother and MTL vaping becomes possible. However, flavors are not as well expressed as with the 0.3 Ω EC Head. A considerable asset of this setting is that no dry hits are to be feared, even with VG-rich e-juices. One would have liked an adjustable airflow to modulate the volume of e-vapor. To fix the issue, it is still possible to obstruct the airflow hole with the fingers, but I concede that it is not convenient.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Very compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Vaping is possible when charging
  • No leakage
  • Good rendering of flavors, especially with the 0.3 Ω EC Head
  • Huge volume of vapor, especially with the 0.3 Ω EC Head
  • Reasonably affordable

The “-“:

  • Airflow non adjustable
  • Voltage non adjustable
  • Light seepages
  • Low autonomy and reduced tank capacity, especially with the 0.3 Ω EC Head
  • The tank must be emptied before changing the resistance
  • Slight hissing with the 0.75 Ω EC Head


Rating of 4/5. The review of Eleaf’s iJust One is mixed. Well finished, powerful, easy to use, the all-in-on kit is disadvantaged by a non-adjustable airflow, a low autonomy, especially with the 0.3 Ω EC Head, and a tank capacity limited to 2 ml. Nevertheless, with this resistance, vaping is noiseless and pleasant thanks to a dense and tasty vapor. For beginners of classic vaping lovers, the 0.75 Ω EC Head is of good quality even if flavors are less marked and a slight hissing is present. A positive aspect with this resistance is that autonomy comes back to an acceptable level. Finally, for about € 25, the iJust One is a good value for money.

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