More powerful, more compact and lighter than the VTC Dual

Joyetech’s eVic Primo 200W is an electronic box powered by two 18650 batteries (not included). Compared to the VTC Dual, Primo is a little bit more compact with 84 mm high (-2 mm), 53 mm long (-2.5 mm) but also larger 26 mm wide (+ 3 mm).

On the 510 side, the box is enlarged (from 22 mm to 26 mm) to accept clearomizers up to 25 mm in diameter. A good point for a powerful device like Primo. But above all, the Primo is 24 g lighter than its predecessor, eVic VTC Dual, and only weighs 156 g, which places it at the same level as a Minikin V2 by asMOdus (160 g). The grip is excellent with its rounded edge opposite to the Fire switch. The box perfectly find its place in the palm of your hand and the Foire switch falls under your index.

Excellent finish and good grip

The body of the box is made of a zinc alloy with a brushed finish that looks pretty robust. The “+” and “-” switches are in plastic and are a bit noisy when shaking the box. In contrast, the Fire switch is large, comfortable and noiseless.

On the rear side, Joyetech stuck a black leather-like sticker and provides a brown spare one. One may like it or not, but it is the latest trend and, in turn, it makes the grip even better. My sole regret is that the 510 pin is a fixed one, which can be troublesome with some clearomizers. However, it hasn’t been an issue with the clearomizers I used in this test that have all been recognized.

Technical review

The main features of Joyetech’s eVic Primo 200W are:

  • Height: 84 mm
  • Width: 26 mm
  • Length: 53 mm
  • Weight: 156 g (naked, without batteries)
  • Power range: 1 – 200 W
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 1.5 Ω in VT/TCR , and 0.1 – 3.5 Ω in VW mode.
  • Temperature control: 100 – 315°C
  • Vaping modes: VW/VT (Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR, Smart, RTC and Passthrough
  • Functions: Fast charge, RC adaptor, Preheat, logo customization, Clock
  • Batteries: 2x 18650 not included (continuous discharge 25 A)
  • Maximum current in charge: 1,5 A
  • Maximum current in discharge: 50 A
  • Colors: Silver, Black/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Grey, Bronze

The packaging includes:

  • 1x eVic Primo (Batteries not included)
  • 1x leather-like spare sticker
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x warranty card
  • 1x warning card
  • 1x user manual

Rapid charge and well designed battery lid

On paper, eVic Primo is set at 200 W maximum power. Its fast charging system is efficient and allows charging the two batteries in 1.5 A. With the Avatar Reverse charging adapter, eVic Primo can be used as a powerbank to charge other USB devices. With the two 18650 batteries on board, the autonomy is good but it depends on which power is used. Here, using it around 25 W, it can be used for about 2 days without charging.

The battery lid is well designed, it can be unlocked just by sliding it out. The marks + and – are indicate not to reverse the polarity of the batteries. And once the batteries are inserted, nothing moves.

Joyetech’s upgradeable firware, version 4.05, is on board the chip that equips the eVic Primo. It has numerous possibilities like a clock, a Preheat function and the customization of the logo, in addition to many vaping modes like VW/VT (Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR, Smart, RTC and Passthrough. Non negligible either is its independent management of the two batteries.

Chipset is usable and very complete


Its functioning is classical. Five clicks on the Fire (power) switch to turn it on, the same sequence to turn it off. With three clicks, you change the vaping mode. To reach the TCR mode, you need to switch it off and to press the Fire together with “+” for a few seconds. To access the Logo, or preheat, USB charge options press the Fire together with “+” for a few seconds when the box is on. To lock it on, press simultaneously on “+” and “-” when the box is on. No real change, in fact, compared to other models.

In Summary

Joyetech’s eVic Primo 200W mounted with Aguvape’s Merlin Mini

Vaping with eVic Primo is very pleasant. Its compact format, ergonomics and weight make us forget that we have in hands a dual battery box. As stated above, the Fire switch is pleasant to use, the OLED screen, the same that equips the VTwo Mini and VTC Dual, very readable and the “+” and “-” ideally placed. Users of the VTC Mini Series won’t be disoriented. To me, this box clearly has a promising future.

The “+”:

  • Excellent usability
  • Powerful
  • Good autonomy
  • Compact format for a dual battery box in 18650
  • Excellent chipset
  • Beautiful design
  • Robust
  • Excellent finish
  • Good value for the money
  • Rapport qualité-prix

The “-“:

  • 510 Pin (absence of spring)
  • Factory set on 200 W


Rating of 5/5. With the eVic Primo 200W, Joyetech only brings few novelties compared to the Dual, but the Chinese manufacturer delivers a product that doesn’t suffer from any sever issue. It is in fact difficult to find a failure to this powerful, compact, robust and well finished electronic box. Its performant chipset and its good usability increase the good feeling when using it. And ythe cherry on the cake is that it is available for less than € 60. It is difficult to find a better product at this price.


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4 years ago

This is just a preprogrammed scam that you will change every 4 months or so, depends how much you are using it. Not long before you see “Atomizer Low” or “Atomizer Short” and it serisouly doesnt matter how many atomizers you change – this crap counts your puffs and make it basically unusable after 3-4 motnhs and effectively dead after half year.

Avoid this fuckin scum as much as you can or you will waste thousands on this crap. Just get a dummy old fashion ecig