In recent months, the FDA has launched several efforts in an attempt to fight teen vaping. Last September, the agency released a campaign which points out that while e-cigarettes deliver addictive nicotine, the toxins in the devices could have unexpected negative health effects.

Subsequently, earlier this month the FDA announced that most e-liquid flavours, with the exception of tobacco, mint and menthol, will be banned at most traditional retail outlets such as convenience stores.

“If you’re in this industry, you cannot sit on the sidelines, take a knee, and watch as we are driven to extinction.”SFATA

Many public health experts have spoken up in response to these actions, saying that the agency is exaggerating the risks of e-cigarettes, and that these efforts are unjustified. Additionally, public health expert Clive Bates has explained that the actual data which would support the FDA’s actions (if they did exist), have not been released yet.

Pushing for sensible regulations

Subsequently, the theme of this year’s annual conference organized by SFATA will be “Save the Vape,” “.. and that is precisely what we need to do: collaboratively, amicably, and aggressively by launching a number of industry-wide programs to tell our story, to push for sensible policies, and to influence the debate in Washington, D.C.”, said the organization on its website, in explaining its efforts to save the industry.

SFATA is urging vapers and harm reduction advocates, to do their part as well. “If you’re in this industry, you cannot sit on the sidelines, take a knee, and watch as we are driven to extinction. Join us in Austin, and help yourself and the industry to survive.”

NYSVA Gains Support, Defeats Flavor Ban and Joins SFATA


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