The Maine Township High School District 207 has joined over 250 school districts across the US who are suing Juul Labs. The Board of Education of District 207, which includes all or portions of Park Ridge, Niles, Morton Grove, Harwood Heights and Des Plaines, voted unanimously to be part of the federal lawsuits which are being led by California-based Frantz Law Group.

Similarly, last November, the board of education of the Aspen School District gave the schools the go ahead to join other school districts in their legal battle against Juul. “I was startled and saddened to learn that Colorado is near the end of the list for funding for public schools, but we’re at the front for the use of Juul products, and ski towns especially are hard hit,” said Superintendent David Baugh.

The lawsuits aim to recoup the money lost to prevent vaping

The lawsuits plan to recoup the expenses the school districts incurred due to the alarming vaping rates, such as due to the installation of vape detectors.
Attorney William Shinoff from the Frantz Law Group said the suits aim to hold Juul accountable for the marketing practices that hooked so many youngsters to their products. Moreover, they are attempting to recoup the expenses the school districts incurred due to the alarming vaping rates, such as due to the installation of vape detectors.

“With this case, all of these school districts are stepping up to hold the company accountable, not only so they can be financially prepared to handle this (vaping) matter into the future, but to show the company that enough’s enough,” said Shinoff. “This is one way we can stop these bad acts.”

“They are looking for funding for vape detectors, educational programs to be able to educate students and parents on the harmful effects of vaping, and also funding for staffing,” he added. “They need to be able to have staffing for supervision purposes.”

Juul and Altria accused of irregular marketing practices

Meanwhile, in response to an ongoing multi-district federal lawsuit against Juul Labs and Atria Group, the defendants are asking the court to dismiss racketeering charges.

Altria and Juul have been accused of irregular practices in marketing their products directly to youth. However, both companies deny these charges and point out that their marketing strategies have evolved and changed drastically since the initial market launch of their products on social media.

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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Names Altria Group New Defendant In Lawsuit Against Juul Labs


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