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My Vype ePod is leaking

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E-liquid leakages are relatively rare with Vype ePod capsules. However, rare does not mean that they can’t happen — below you will find how to resolve the issue should you even encounter it.

Closed cartridges

The Vype ePod uses closed cartridges. They are filled by the manufacturer and the user has no access to either the e-liquid or the tank. As such, they cannot be refilled and replaced when the tank runs out. This incurs a significant extra cost, but also offers unrivalled ease of use.

In the event of a leak, therefore, the user is unable to take any direct action. The cartridges are manufactured to a high standard, and the issue rarely arises. Nevertheless, if a cartridge is leaking, the model is probably defective; the easiest and quickest option is to replace it. If the problem is a recurring one, it is more likely to be caused by incorrect use.

Correct ePod use to prevent leakage

You may find droplets of e-liquid at the base of the cartridge. This is generally water condensation rather than e-liquid. The battery and the resistance coil emit heat, which forms condensation on the outside of the tank, similarly to a bathroom mirror after a shower, for example. Simply wipe with a cloth to solve the problem.

Some excess e-liquid may remain when inhaling vapour, as if the vapour inlet channel was saturated. The most likely cause is inhaling too strongly, which draws more liquid than needed. Try inhaling the vapour normally, without inhaling too strongly.

Finally, the ePod has a greater tendency to leak in the horizontal position. Try to place it in the upright position as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of it leaking. Obviously, this position is somewhat unstable. This is one of the limitations of this e-cigarette format. One of many points on which conventional models, with a battery and a clearomizer, are more effective and convenient for daily use.

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