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Saving money on your Vype ePod

Vype ePod

The Vype ePod is sold at an attractive price, but the cost of refills can be hard on your wallet. Below you will find some indications of the actual cost of use of this e-cigarette and how you can reduce it.

Based on the average prices recorded in Europe

Cost of purchase

The ePod is offered at a price of €29.99 on the Vype website, permanently discounted to €14.90 which can be considered the actual price. For a smoker, that represents one and a half packs of cigarettes. A sum that they would spend regularly without really thinking about it. More importantly, the price is half that of an e-cigarette with a refillable tank. For this type of model, you would expect to pay at least €30, or even €60 for higher-quality models. A definite point in favour of the ePod.

Cost of use

Refills for the ePod are sold in pairs at a price of €7.99 on the Vype website. The claimed capacity is 1.9 ml, but our measurements place it at 1.4 ml of liquid, representing 2.8 ml for the two tanks. Therefore, the cost of the liquid comes to €2.85 per millilitre.

By way of comparison, refills for the Alfaliquid Alfapod are sold, also in pairs, at a price of €6.90. The claimed capacity is 1.9 ml per cartridge, which we confirmed in our tests. The cost per millilitre of liquid comes to €1.82 for a system that is also based on a closed-pod design.

A difference in cost of use of €1.03 per millilitre, resulting in a difference €375.95 for a daily consumption of one millilitre. If you vape 4 ml per day for example, the difference over one year represents… €1503.80.

That is quite a substantial saving. Especially considering that it offers you the choice between 4 nicotine contents rather than only one, and appreciably more effective operation.

An even better result is obtained with the Bō Vaping Bō Gen 2, with a cost per millilitre of e-liquid of €1.65 for outstanding performances! Don’t hesitate to refer to our comparison for more examples. 

The most economical alternative remains the clearomizer option with 10 ml liquid bottles, provided that you don’t mind the minor inconvenience of filling the tank. 10 ml bottles are sold at a price of between approximately €5 and €6, or between €0.5 and €0.6 per millilitre. The purchase price is offset after a few weeks of use at most. In addition, the annual savings are even greater.

To find out more

To guide you in your choice, we have answered the most frequently asked questions concerning its use:

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  • The battery may also stop charging, rendering it unfit for use. A few troubleshooting points to help you find a solution quickly.
  • The ePod requires very little maintenance. However, some occasional cleaning of the most exposed parts can prolong its service life and prevent malfunctions.
  • To ensure a seamless transition to e-cigarettes, the vapour produced must be satisfactory for the user. Here is some advice if this model is not working for you.
  • The Vype tanks are sealed, but it can be tempting to try to fill them with a bottled e-liquid. We tried, successfully but unconvincingly.
  • Vype products are widely distributed and relatively easy to find. We explain how you do so quickly and easily online or in-store.
  • Travelling with an e-cigarette involves some preparations and precautions. A comprehensive guide to travelling with your ePod with peace of mind.
  • Finally, we present a comprehensive comparison with other sealed-tank e-cigarette models. This will allow you to make a fully informed choice.