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The vapour from my Vype ePod is not strong enough

Vype ePod

The Vype ePod is very easy to use and highly portable. However, you may find its vapour too mild, and lacking in strength in the context of a transition to e-cigarettes.

Nicotine and hit

When you switch over to e-cigarettes, you need to satisfy your nicotine habit. Therefore, you need to opt for an e-liquid with a sufficient nicotine content (nicotine concentration) to meet this need. The maximum content authorised in Europe of 20 mg/ml for all e-liquids.

The nicotine content also has a direct impact on the so-called throat hit. This is what causes you to cough when you start smoking, and also triggers a habit. You need to satisfy your body’s nicotine cravings and your need to feel the hit with each puff. However, these are two different needs governed by the same factor of the nicotine content. Depending on the factor, it can prove to be satisfactory or not.

Impact of the device

While the nicotine content of the liquid is a key factor, it is not the only one. The device performance, how it vaporises the e-liquid, the quantity and density of the vapour produced have an equally substantial impact on the satisfaction obtained by the vaper.

The ePod produces a moderately dense vapour, with a very weak nicotine hit. This system uses e-liquid doses of 18 mg/ml, but a more or less identical hit to that obtained with a 3 mg/ml e-liquid with a clearomizer such as the Innokin Zenith, for example, is obtained. Nicotine cravings are also perceived as being satisfied more quickly and effectively with a high-performance clearomizer.

The ePod is therefore designed for vapers who need lower levels of nicotine and a weaker throat hit, contrary to what the nicotine content used might suggest. The power is not adjustable, and the device comes with only one type of tank and resistance coil. If this is not enough for you or fails to meet your needs, the only alternative is to opt for devices better suited to your needs.

To find out more

To guide you in your choice, we have answered the most frequently asked questions concerning its use:

  • The ePod is not prone to leakage, but leakages can nonetheless happen. We suggest a few solutions if this happens to you.
  • The battery may also stop charging, rendering it unfit for use. A few troubleshooting points to help you find a solution quickly.
  • The ePod requires very little maintenance. However, some occasional cleaning of the most exposed parts can prolong its service life and prevent malfunctions.
  • During use, the ePod liquid budget may become sizable. We have prepared a report to help you reduce your expenditure and make savings with your e-cigarette.
  • The Vype tanks are sealed, but it can be tempting to try to fill them with a bottled e-liquid. We tried, successfully but unconvincingly.
  • Vype products are widely distributed and relatively easy to find. We explain how you do so quickly and easily online or in-store.
  • Travelling with an e-cigarette involves some preparations and precautions. A comprehensive guide to travelling with your ePod with peace of mind.
  • Finally, we present a comprehensive comparison with other sealed-tank e-cigarette models. This will allow you to make a fully informed choice.
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