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What maintenance does my Vype ePod need?

Vype ePod

The Vype ePod requires little or no maintenance. Nevertheless, paying attention to a few details will help prevent malfunctions and prolong its service life.

The tank

We will give a brief overview of the cosmetic upkeep needed. Wiping with a dry or slightly damp cloth will remove any unsightly marks from your ePod, but will have no impact on its use.

It is much more important to make sure that the tank housing on the battery remains dry and dust-free. Nothing should come between the electrical contacts at the bottom of the tank housing on the battery and those at the base of the tank. As for any electrical contact, they should remain clean.

During use, water condensation can appear in this area. This is normal and simply due to the heat emitted by the resistance coil. You may also find traces of e-liquid from small leaks, or dust that has entered when changing tank. In any case, blow sharply into the housing. This will get rid of most of the dust. Then, finish off by wiping gently with a slightly damp cloth. Simply take care not to damage the contacts by being too rough. A gentle wipe with a cloth once a week is more than enough.

The charging port

Similarly, it is important to keep all the charging contacts clean, both at the base of the ePod and on the cable. The ePod’s battery housing tends to accumulate dust, which can prevent contact between the battery and the charger.

Therefore, they need to be cleaned from time to time, using the same method as for the tank. The dirt is generally not hard to remove. A gentle wipe with a very slightly damp cloth will do the trick. With some minimal, occasional and easy maintenance, preventing possible malfunctions in the use of your ePod is simple.

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