Vaping technology takes time to master. Becoming well-versed in the equipment will help you find the vaping set-up that meets your needs. Besides all our guides and our e-cigarette tests, below you will find a series of articles looking at the technical aspects of vaping today.

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Using e-cigarettes (vaping devices) involves a learning curve for users. In this section, we discuss vaping-specific technical topics. If you are not familiar with some terms, feel free to refer to our e-cigarette glossary. This category is updated regularly.

All the latest on vaping technology

20 Vape Juice FAQs

If you’re about to purchase a vape kit for the first time, it’s obvious that you have a lot of questions concerning e-liquid as...

Vape App is Launched in Response to Apple’s E-Cig Apps Removal

Influenced by the US panic surrounding vaping and its alleged link to EVALI, last November, Apple removed all 181 vape-related apps from the iOS...

Can you get second hand smoke from vape?

The public keep on asking these questions. No: You cannot even get first hand smoke from a vaporiser - It is vapour, not smoke. This...

JuuL To Launch Device That Can Detect Users’ Age

The redesigned Juul, is to be launched in some Western European countries and Israel and was initially designed to be able to track former...

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