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Belgium: A drug will not be refunded to nicotine users

"Good and bad patients?" In Belgium, patients with lung fibrosis will not get reimbursed for a treatment if they have smoked in the last 6 months....

Petition: Tell Facebook vaping products are not tobacco products

The petition initiated by Kevin Price has already received more than 9,000 support testimonies and will probably reach the 10,000 in the coming hours. It attracts...

Data show Ecigs help English smokers quit

The Smoking Toolkit Study, a periodic study of smoking cessation trends in England, released the last figures on February 9, 2016. The survey shows for 2016: an overall...

UK: Before the e-cigarette, tobacco companies had no competitor

The decline of tobacco products in the UK is inexorable Trefis is a site of economic and market information that focuses on the company's activities....

New Zealand: Tax increase seen as a “backbone”measure for tobacco control

The Aotearoan Parliament consulted tobacco control specialists, on February 10, 2016,  among which Pr Murray Laugesen (Health New Zealand Ltd), Zoe Hawke (National Maori Tobacco Control...

New Zealand: The Very Low Nicotine Cigarette (VLNC) versus the e-cigarette

Tobacco use remains the single biggest cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in New Zealand. Along with many other organisations, New Zealand Health Promotion...

Belgium: Minister of Health urged to take action against smoking

"If the law allows young people to have sex at 16, why prohibiting cigarettes? At 16, they are adult." -M. De BlockThe opposition is...

Vaping doesn’t help smokers quit. Really?

A meta-analysis of 38 studies by the University of California San Francisco concludes that e-cigarettes are associated with significantly less quitting among smokers, as...

“You vape, you vote”: A Campaign for the Campaign

The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, and a dozen of Republicans candidates and 3 Democrats are currently on campaign...

Uncertainty and misunderstanding around e-cigarettes for British quitters

E-cigarettes are increasingly popular among smokers as a quitting tool Since a growing number of scientific results suggest that e-cigarettes may help smokers quit smoking,...